BDIR2000 Proceedings




List of Participants

Opening Plenaries:
Beam Delivery Systems Overviews
Tom Markiewicz
Daniel Schulte
Toshiaki Tauchi
Nick Walker
Novel Concepts Nan Phinney NLC New Final Focus
Luminosity and Diagnostics Phil Burrows
Joe Frisch
Christian Magne
Nan Phinney
Tor Raubenheimer
Ingrid Reyzl
Daniel Schulte
Daniel Schulte
Nick Walker
Manfred Wendt
Feedback Proposals
Mechanical Stabilisation
Non-Resonant Cavity BPM
SLC Feedback
Ground Motion
TESLA Fast Feedback
Luminosity Monitors
NLC Fast Feedback
TESLA Slow Feedback
TESLA BDS Instrumentation
Collimation Reinhard Brinkmann
Reinhard Brinkmann
Joe Frisch
Tor Raubenheimer
Mike Seidel
Peter Tenenbaum
Nick Walker
Effective Acceptance Expander
Halo Estimate for TESLA
Advanced Spoiler Concepts
Wakefield Graphs
Spoiler Material Issues
NLC Collimation Overview
TESLA Energy Spoiler
Backgrounds and Interaction Region Karsten Buesser
Stan Hertzbach
Toshiaki Tauchi
Beam Related BG in TESLA
SR Fans in NLC FF
Lum Monitor and Active Mask
Other Topics and Some Papers Phil Burrows
Fenn et al

Jean-Bernard Jeanneret

Michael Peskin
Opportunities for Collaboration
Quadrupole Vibration Measurements in FFTB
Thermal and Acoustic Effects in CLIC Absorbers
NLC Physics Case
Closing Plenaries Grahame Blair
Ingrid Reyzl
Mike Seidel
Backgrounds and IR
Luminosity Stabilisation
Workshop Report   Workshop Report