Linear Collider Physics Resource Book for Snowmass 2001

American Linear Collider Working Group

BNL-52627, CLNS 01/1729, FERMILAB-Pub-01/058-E, LBNL-47813, SLAC-R-570, UCRL-ID-143810-DR, LC-REV-2001-074-US

To aid the discussion of linear collider physics at Snowmass 2001, the American Linear Collider Working Group has prepared a resource book containing review articles on the physics issues that will be addressed at the linear collider, and on options for the accelerator and run plan, and on possible detector designs. The book will be distributed in hard copy at Snowmass.

An identical version of the book is made available here. Each item in the table of contents gives the gzipped ps [pdf] file of the corresponding chapter in the book. Extra divider pages and blank pages are included in each file so that, by printing every chapter below, one can assemble the complete book. To download the complete book all at once, click here.


To download a ps.gz file of the entire book, click here. (Warning: 6.0 MB !)
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