Worldwide Study on
Physics and Experiments with Future Linear e+e- Colliders
Sitges (Barcelona), Spain  -  April 28-May 5, 1999

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Last revised: May 31, 1999 10:52:50 AM

Talks available from Web

Name Talk Title Document
R. Wilson General Issues of Particle I.D pdf
P. Checchia Sensitivity on the gravitino mass from the single-photon spectrum in a e+ e- Linear Collider pdf
P. Checchia An electromagnetic shashlik calorimeter with longitudinal segmentation pdf
T. Takahashi Simulation of Top Quarks in a Photon Photon Collider pdf
S.Heinemeyer Theoretical Impact of Results from Z0 and W+W--Threshold Running pdf
T.Ohl Forests'n'Groves: Minimal Gauge Invariant Classes of 3 Diagrams in Gauge Theories pdf
J-P.Dufey Switch Performance pdf
R.Dubois The American detector simulation framework pdf
R.Dubois Calorimetric Resolution of the S1, L1 Detectors, using GISMO pdf
S.Ambrosanio Measuring GMSB Parameters @ 500 GeV Linear Collider pdf
N.Ghodbane SUSYGEN, a model physics generator based on helicity amplitudes pdf,ps
T.Behnke The TPC tracker pdf
D.Dominici Phenomenology of the lightest Pseudo Nambu Goldstone boson at future colliders pdf
G.Moorgat-Pick Polarization and Spin Effects in Neutralino Production and Decay pdf
L. Reina Measuring the Higgs Yukawa Couplings at an NLC pdf
K.Moenig Running TESLA on the Z Pole pdf
S.Iwata The JLC Project pdf
S.Komamiya Experimental Overview for e+e- linear colliders near future pdf
S.Komamiya Search for Quantum Gravity Effects in Extra-Dimensions at present and future e+e- colliders pdf
M.Peskin Theory Overview pdf
M.Peskin Event Generators for LC physics pdf
Novel proves of supersymmetric flavous and CP Symmetries at Future Lepton and Photon Colliders pdf
J.Alcaraz e+e- -> (g/Z) (g/Z) and Anomalous Higgs Sector pdf
P. Burrows Overview of Central QCD at a Linear Collider pdf
P.Burrows Top and QCD/gg summary pdf
F.Richards Workshop Summary: Francois Richard pdf
Y.Sugimoto Beam-Beam and Neutron Backgrounds in the JLC detector pdf
Y.Sugimoto CCD vertex detector and beam background pdf
R.Raja Muon Colliders pdf
T.Markiewicz NLC IP Layout / Issues pdf
W.Kilian Testing Higgs Self Couplings at e+e- Linear Colliders pdf
D.Gerdes Top Quark Reconstruction with Full Simulation in Small and Large Detectors pdf,html
I.Nakamura g-g and e-e- Theoretical Issues pdf
T.Tauchi JLC IP Layout / Issues pdf
G.Weiglein Precise calculations of the neutral MSSM Higgs masses pdf
H.Eberl Production and decays of stops,sbottoms and staus pdf
H.Burkhardt Machine backgrounds common to all machines pdf
S.Dittmaier Precision Calculations for e+e- -> W+W- (mini review) pdf
K.Huitu Phenomenology of Light Higgses in suppersimetric left-right models pdf
E.Boos Single W Production at Linear Colliders pdf
T.Maruyama Backgrounds in the LC (Small) Detector(s) pdf
K.Kawagoe The muon detector for the JLC experiment pdf
K.Kawagoe The JSF fast Monte Carlo framework and the JIM full detector simulation pdf
GP.Yeh Top Quark mass determination from t tbar DiLepton events pdf
S.Kim Top Quark Physics at the Tevatron pdf
A.Brandenburg Production of top quark pairs in association with a hard gluon to O(as2) pdf
A.Djouadi Higgs Bosons at Linear Colliders. Theoretical Issues pdf
A. De Roek g-g and e-e- summary pdf
B.Schumm Tracking and vertexing at a high energy linear collider pdf
M.Piccolo The small angle environment at a Linear Collider pdf
M.Piccolo Linear Collider detector overview pdf
M.Piccolo A muon detector for Tesla pdf
C.Royon g*g* physics pdf
D. Koltick Summary:Muon and other Specialised Detectors pdf
G.Merino Direct Measurement of the top Yukawa coupling in e+e- -> t tbar H pdf
H.Hoang Top + QCD Theoretical Issues pdf
H.Neal Electroweak Summary pdf
I.Wilson The CLIC LC pdf
K.Fujii Summary session D1 pdf
F.Paige Event Generators for SUSY pdf
F.Paige SUSY Measurements at LHC pdf
K.Bibber Status of the laser technology for the gg collider pdf
KA.Thompson Disruption, anti-pinch, and effective upsilon in e-e- linear colliders pdf
M.Martínez Top Physics pdf
N.Khalatian CDC Tracker pdf
J.Sola FCNC top quark decays into Higgs Bosons in the MSSM pdf
N.Phinney The NLC pdf
R.Magill Virtual g/g Physics and Forward Instrumentation pdf
R.Rückl Alternative new physics pdf
P. Le Dû Summary Trigger & DAQ pdf
R.Zhu Crystal Technologies for LC pdf
S.Tkaczyk Summary of Alternative New Physics pdf
T.Sjöstrand QCD Interconnection Effects pdf
S.Yamashita Effects of beam beam interaction and event overlap in Higgs Study pdf
S.Yamashita Higgs Summary Talk pdf
M.Gruwé Recent developments in gaseous tracking detectors pdf
N.Tesch Beam-Beam, Neutron and Accelerator Background at TESLA pdf
A.Sopczak Experimental Study of Scalar Top Quarks at a Future e+e- LC pdf
A.Sopczak A Direct Measurement of tan beta: e+e- -> bbbar -> bbbarA at a Future e+e- LC pdf
B.Schumm R&D Issues and Plans for a Silicon Microstrip Central Tracker pdf
D.Reid Measurement of BR(H->gg) at LC pdf
D.Wagner Comparison of the Small and Large Detectors with Selectron Events pdf
E.Accomando 4 and 6 Fermion Event Generators for e+e- Collider Physics pdf
E.Boos Higgs to WW* in Gamma Gamma Collision pdf
E.Trentadue Hard Photons in e- e- pdf
G. Jikia Higgs Production at a Compton Collider pdf
H. Neal Results on Using ttbar->6q and c+c- ->qqln + c0c0 for Optimizing the Design of a LCD Central Tracker pdf
HU.Martyn Study of Supersymmetric Particles mSUGRA scenario I pdf
HU.Martyn Supersymmetry at LCWS99. Summary Session P3 pdf
I. Reyzl TESLA: The Feedback System at the IP pdf
J.Brau Overview of the American Detector Models pdf
J.Hewett Phenomenological Implications of Large Extra Dimensions pdf
JC.Brient A Calorimeter for Energy Flow pdf
JL.Kneur Associated Production of Higgs with squarks (t~) at future e+e- colliders pdf
JL.Kneur A Direct Reconstruction of the complex parameter case in the gaugino sector pdf
K.Bibber The Status of High Average Power Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers for a gg Collider pdf
K.Ishii Detector Acceptance and CAL resolution requrements for HZ/WW fusion cross section measurement pdf
K.Ishii JIM full detector simulation pdf
L.Orr Gluon Radiation in Top Quark Production and Decay pdf
M.Besançon Looking for extra-dimensions at the weak-scale experimental search for Kaluza-Klein states signatures at the e+e- linear colliders pdf
M.Dress Strong Interaction Effects in e+e- -> stop, stop* pdf
M.Iwasaki Top-quark reconstruction in 4 and 6 jet modes with Fast Simulation pdf
M.Krawczyk Zgh and ggh in SM and beyond pdf
O.Napoly Summary of Working Group D2 "Interaction Regions" pdf
R.Bellwied Silicon Drift Detectors pdf
R.Binkmann The TESLA Linear Collider pdf
R.Gerhgards A Trigger Concept for a Detector at Tesla pdf
R.Raja MU_GEANT: A Muon Collider Simulation Tool pdf
R.Rückl Leptoquark and R-Parity Violating SUSY Processes pdf
S.Godfrey Searches for Extra Gauge Bosons in the Process e+e- -> nng pdf
S.Riemann Sensitivity of Fermion Pair Production to New Physics Phenomena pdf
S.Schreiber Instrumentation at the IR pdf
S.Y.Choi Determining SUSY Parameters in Chargino Pair-Production in e+e- Collisions pdf
T.Han Neutralino and Slepton Production at e-gamma Colliders pdf
T.Han Strong Interactions of Weak Bosons pdf
T.Kawamoto Single W Production in ee collision pdf
T.Matsui Overview of the JLC detector model pdf
T.Rizzo Identifying Indirect Signatures of New Physics at NLC pdf
T.Rizzo Polarization Asymmetries & TGV's in gamma-e Collisions pdf
T.Sjostrand PHYTIA and HERWIG for linear collider physics pdf
T.Teubner Top Quark Mass definitions and the ttbar threshold cross section pdf
V.Korbel A Sandwich Sampling Calorimeter with Tileplate and Wavelengthshifter readout pdf
V.Nauemberg General Issues of Calorimetry Associated with the Search for Slectrons pdf
V.Telnov gg,ge colliders accelerator and interaction region layout issues pdf
V.Telnov gg,ge colliders, introduction, luminosities and backgrounds pdf
W. Da Silva Hadronic backgrounds from gg interactions at NLC pdf
Y.Fujii Summary of D5. Calorimetry and Masks pdf
W. Lohmann
P. Garcia-Abia
Measuring the Higgs Cross Section and Mass with the NLC pdf
Y.Sumino Recent Theoretical Progress in the t tbar Threshold Analyses pdf
Z.Hioki Probing Anomalous Top-Couplings at Polarized Linear Collider pdf
M.Peskin pandora: an object-oriented event generator for Linear Collider physics pdf
N.Paver Optimal polarized observables for model-independent new physics searches at the linear collider pdf
A.Soni CP violation in Top Physics at the linear collider pdf
A. De Roeck Photon Structure pdf
H.Yamamoto dEdx Options for Linear Colliders pdf
H.Yamamoto Pixel detectors for Linear Colliders pdf
B.Schumm Experimental Issues Associated with a Precise Measurement of alpha_S at a Linear Collider pdf
C.Burgard Triple Gauge Couplings in W-Pair Production at TESLA pdf
C.Heusch Tracking calorimeters pdf
C.Heusch EWSB: Supersymmetry pdf
C.Heusch The Linear Electron Collider pdf
C.Royon gamma*gamma* QCD Dynamics pdf
D.Cinabro t-tbar Threshold Studies: Machne Parameters and dL/dE Measurements pdf
M. Martínez
Top Mass Measurement at the t-tbar Threshold pdf
D.Perret-Gallix Automatic Amplitude Calculation and Event Generation for Linear Colliders: GRACE and CompHEP pdf
E. Ruiz Morales W+W- -> ttbar as a Probe of Strong Electroweak Symmetry Breaking pdf
G.Bower Detector Optimization for Jet Identification pdf
Flavor Changing Neutral Current and CP Violation from R-parity Violation pdf
G.Pancheri gg Total x-sections and Minijets pdf
G.W.Wilson Threshold Measurement of the W mass with a Mega-W Linear Collider pdf
I.Ueda JLC Trigger and DAQ pdf
I.Ueda Effect of Beamstrahlung in Higgs Measurement pdf
I.Watanabe Theoretical Issues of gg/eg/e-e- options pdf
J.Brau CCD Vertex Detector pdf
J. Conway Higgs Discovery Potential in Run 2 at the Tevatron pdf
J.Hisano Lepton-flavor violation in the left-handed slepton production at future lepton colliders pdf
J.Kuehn Total Cross Section for e+e- to ttbar with QCD and EW corrections pdf
JJ.Russel NLD Thoughts pdf
K. Bibber RPC R&D for LC pdf
K.Lang The MINOS Detectors. Technical Design Report pdf
K.Thompson Optimization of NLC machine parameters for specific classes of physics processes pdf
L.Orr A Monte Carlo for BFKL Physics pdf
M.Besançon SUSY with violating R-parity couplings at e+e- colliders experimental aspects pdf
M.Krawczyk Z to hg pdf
M.Raidal Doubly Charged Scalars and Fermions at LC pdf
M.Ronan Track Reconstruction pdf
M.Ronan Inclusive W Reconstruction towards Global Event pdf
M.Ronan Java Analysis Studio and the hep.lcd class library pdf
MA.Diaz One-Loop Radiative Corrections to the Chargino Pair Production pdf
N.Kanaya Research in GMSB Model at Linear Colliders pdf
P.Ciafaloni A simple expression for f-pair production at 500 GeV pdf
Analysis of Long Lived slepton NLSP in GMSB model pdf
S.Jadach Two Fermions Generators pdf
T.Barklow Electron Compositeness limits in e-e- collisions pdf
T.Riemann Prospects and Problems in Two-Fermion Production pdf
T.Rizzo TeV Gravity in e+e-/gg collisions pdf
Y.Fujii Expected Performance of Tile-Fiber Calorimeter and Other JLC-CAL R&Ds pdf
Y.Kato Study of W1W1->stau stau in 2 tau's+MET channel pdf
A.Calcaterra Working experience with RPC's pdf
A.Juste M_H Determination from Direct Reconstruction of ZH (Z to qqbar) pdf
SK. Oh
Nonlinear SUSY pdf
D.Koltick Low Cost m-Chambers pdf
D.Schulte Introduction to IR Issues; CLIC IP Layout / Issues pdf
E.Gabrielli Anomalous ggH and ZgH Couplings at Future e-g colliders pdf
F.Behner Geant4, status and promises pdf
G.A.Blair Simulation tools for the ECFA/DESY Study pdf
HJ.Schreiber Measuring Branching Fractions of the SM Higgs (160) pdf
J.Shiers LHC++ a "C++ CERNLIB" pdf
K.Piotrzkowski High-energy bremsstrahlung at TESLA pdf
M.Battaglia Measuring Higgs Branching Ratios and telling a SM from a MSSM Higgs pdf
M.Caccia The "monolithic" way: CMOS sensors pdf
O.Napoly TESLA IP Layout and Issues pdf
P.Minkowsky Higgs production via the fusion channels pdf
R.Brun The ROOT framework pdf
T.Greenshaw A TESLA compatible vertex detector design pdf