The Working Group

The ACFA Linear Collider Physics and Detector Working group has been established since 1998 in response to the ACFA statement (Here is a link to the previous description of the working group). The group has organized workshops and published the report in 2001 which elucidates physics scenario and experimental feasibilities at the linear collider.

These activities leaded to the second statement on the e+e- collider issued by ACFA and ACFA Linear Collider Steering Committee (ALCSC) has been formed to further promote the linear collider project. Under the ALCSC, our group has been transmuted to the sub-group on the linear collider physics and detectors and Contact persons of the group has also been re-created.

Our task is to continue studies on physics at the linear collider more precisely and more profoundly, taking into account progresses in our field, as well as on developments of detector technologies best suited for the linear collider experiment. As we know from past experiences, this will be enormously important to realize the linear collider.

Akiya Miyamoto
Chairperson of Contact Person Committee
ACFA Linear Collider Physics and Detector Working Group
1 August 2003

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