APPI 2001 Program (Final)

Feb.20 (Tue)
Afternoon Session; Review Talks; Chair: T. Matsui
Y.N.Gao (Tsinghua U.) Search for SM Higgs at LEP2
S.Kuroda (KEK) Pesent Status of ATF
Feb.21 (Wed)
Morning Session; Accelerator Talks; Chair: Y. Fujii
K.Furukawa (KEK) Positron generation from Crystal
T.Imai (S.U.Tokyo) Double-kicker system at ATF
Y.Higashi (KEK) Verification of hyper-precision positioning using a Fabry-Perot interferometer and hyper-precision angle using a crystal lattice and air bearing
Afternoon Session; Experiment Talks; Chair: S.Banerjee
Y.Fujii (KEK) Introduction to the JLC detector model
K.Ikematsu (Hiroshima U.) Simulation studies of top studies at JLC
Y.Ishizawa (Tsukuba U.) Simulation studies of JLC Calorimeter performance
K.Hoshina (Tokyo UAT) Simulator status based on GEANT4
J.Magallanes (Mindanao SU) Recent results on JLC studies in Mindanao
A.Bacala (Mindanao SU) CDC baby chamber study using cosmic ray data
Feb.22 (Thu)
Morning Session; Theory Talks - I; Chair: S.Y.Choi
Y.Kiyo (Tohoku U.) Top quark production near threshold at lepton collider
J.X.Wang (IHEP) Automatic construct Lagrangian and deduce Feynman rules for supersymmetry model
J.B.Choi (Chonbuk U.) Angular ordering in gluon radiation
W.G.Ma (Sci.Tec.U.) Searching for charged Higgs boson at g g coliders
Afternoon Session; Theory Talks - II; Chair: K. Hagiwara
S.Y.Choi (Chonbuk U.) Reconstructing the chargino and neutralino systems at linear colliders
J.S.Lee (KEK) Radiative Higgs sector CP violation in the MSSM
C.H.Chang (InstTheoPhys) Decays of the meson B_c to a P-wave charmonium state chi_c or h_c
Y.Sumino (Tohoku U.) Quarkonium spectroscopy and perturbative QCD : A new perspective
C.H.Chang (Inst.Theo.Phys.) Concluding Remark

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