APPI 2002 Proceedings

Thank you very much for submitting manuscripts for APPI2002 proceedings. It is now under printing process, and will be delivered to the participants around early August. Non-participants may be able to get a copy from the organizer. Please send an e-mail to the organizer.

Submitted papers are linked from the table below.

Accelerator and Particle Physics Institute
D. Perret-Gallix Simulation and event generation in high-energy physics 1
K. Hoshina Simulator Status of JUPITER and Satellites 9
A. Miyamoto JLC Overview (PostScript) 21
Y. Oyama Latest results from K2K experment 41
H. C. Gooc Beam Test Data Analysis of the JLC-CDC baby Chamber 48
A. L. C. Sanchez Bench test of small plastic scintillator tiles for the JLC EM calorimeter 59
Y. J. Kwon Measurement of fundamental parameters from Belle 68
W. Y. Wang Vub,Vcb and heavy hadron decays in effective field theory of heavy quarks 81
O. Lebedev EDM constraints in SUSY models 89
D. Arogancia Study of e+e- -> enW and e+e- -> eeZ 93
S. Kuroda Final Focus Test Optics for the ATF 103
N. Tamura Neutrinoless double beta decay and DCBA experiment at KEK 110
Y. Shikaze Results of BESS at solar maximum 117
I. H. Park Advanced composition experiment for the space station 139
H. J. Kim A dark matter search with CsI crystals 149
F. Borzumati 3- and 2-body supersymmetric processes : predictions, challenges and prospectives 164
J. B. Magallanes Jet pairing algorithm for the 6-jet higgs channel via energy chi-square criterion 191
G. B. Yu Higgs study with topological vertex finding program and neural network 201
Y. Kiyo Offshellness and boundstates of heavy quarks 213
K. Ikematsu Kinematical reconstruction of the tt system near its threshold at future e+e- linear colliders 219
R. M. Godbole Invisible decays of the supersymmetric Higgs and dark matter 233
Session Program 249

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