APPI 2002 Final Program

All talks are in English. Allocated time for each talk is 30minutes including discussions, except for the two overview talks by Miyamoto-san and Yamamoto-san. All speakers are kindly asked to include introductory part at the beginning of the talk for non-experts.

An OHP and a PC screen projector will be available. Slide projectors will not be available.

2/13 (Wed) Evening Session

Chair: T. Matsui
T. Suzuki (Tsukuba U.) TBA (CDF runI & runII related to top quark physics)
D. Perret-Gallix (CNRS) Simulation and event generation in high-energy physics
K. Hoshina (TUAT) Simulator Status of JUPITER and Satellites
A. Miyamoto (KEK) JLC Overview

2/14 (Thu) Morning Session

Chair: A. M. Bacala
Y. Oyama (KEK) Latest results from K2K experment
T. Yamashita Diffraction at HERA Inclusive and hadronic final state
H. C. Gooc (Mindanao U.) Beam Test Data Analysis of JLC-CDC baby Chamber
A. L. C. Sanchez (Niigata U.) Bench Test of Small Plastic Scintillator Tiles for JLC EM Calorimeter

2/14 (Thu) Afternoon Session

Chair: K. Hagiwara
Y. J. Kwon (Yonsei U.) Measurement of fundamental parameters from Belle
W. Y. Wang (Tsinghua U.) V_{ub},V_{cb} and heavy hadron decays in effective field theory of heavy quarks
O. Lebedev (U. of Sussex) The SUSY CP problem
D. C. Arogancia (Mindanao U.) Study of e+e- -> enuW and e+e- -> gammaZ at 500 GeV

2/15(Fri) Morning Session

Chair: Y. Sugimoto
S. Kuroda (KEK) Final Focus Test Optics for ATF
R. Kuroda (Waseda U.) Photo-cathode RF-gun System
N. Tamura (Niigata U.) Double beta decay experiment, DCBA

2/15 (Fri) Afternoon Session

Chair: H. Miyata
Y. Shikaze (U. Tokyo) Results of BESS at solar maximum
I. H. Park (Seoul N.U.) Cosmic-ray Composition Experiment for the Space Station
H. J. Kim (Yonsei U.) Dark matter search with CsI(Tl) crystals
F.Borzumati (RESCEU/Tokyo) TBA
J. B. Magallanes (Mindanao U.) Jet Pairing Algorithms for e+e- ---> ZH --> 6-jets
G. B. Yu (Korea U.) Higgs study with topological vertex finding program and Neural Network

2/16 (Sat) Morning Session

Chair: K. Fujii
Y. Sumino (Tohoku U.) How good is the potential picture of the heavy quarkonium systems in perturbative QCD ?
Y. Kiyo (Tohoku U.) Offshellness and boundstates of heavy quarks
K. Ikematsu (Hiroshima U.) Kinematical Reconstruction of the t t System Near Threshold at Future Linear e+e- Colliders
R. M. Godbole (Indian Inst.Sci.) Supersymmetric invisible decays of the Higgs

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