APPI 2003

Program of APPI2003 Workshop (tentative)

updated on 24-Feb-2003

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All sessions will be held at a meeting room 'Hanawa' located on the first floor of the main building.

Time allocated for each talk includes discussion time.

2/25(Tu) Evening Session:
T.Tsurugai (Meiji Gakuin) 30 The recent physics results from the ZEUS experiment
Y.Heng (IHEP) 25 BES III Detector
Mingxing Luo (Zhejiang U.) 25 Precision Determination of Heavy Quark Masses and the Strong Coupling Constant
Y.Y.Keum (Nagoya U.) 25 CP violation in B-physics with KT-factorization
Y.Yamada (Tohoku) 25 Beyond LO corrections to b -> s \gamma at large tan beta: the charged Higgs contribution
19:00 Welcome Dinner
2/26(We) Morning Session:
L.Dong (IHEP) 40 Recent Physics Results on BES II
H.C.Gooc (MSU) 20 Recent Results of the JLC Studies at MSU-IITCompHEP Laboratory
Qi-Shu Yan (IHEP) 25 The renormalization of the effective gauge Lagrangian with spontaneous symmetry breaking: the $SU(2)\times U(1)$ case
R.Godbole (IIS) 25 Probing the CP property of Higgs at a $\gamma \gamma$ collider through \gamma \gamma \rightarrow t \tbar \rigtharrow l X
Evening Session:
Y.Takeuchi (U. Tsukuba) 30 Status and Prospects on Top Physics at CDF
Z.Si (Shandong U.) 25 NLO QCD corrections to top quark spin spin correlations at hadron colliders
G.Iwai (Niigata U.) 20 The measurement of radiation damage effects in CCD
N.Uchida (U. Tsukuba) 20 JLC site study
Y.Higashi (KEK) 25 Studies of surface treatment for high field accelerator
T.Ohgaki (KEK) 25 JLC Collimation System Design
N. Delerue (KEK) 25 Fast feedback system for the JLC
2/27(Th) Morning Session:
M. Yamaguchi (Tohoku U.) 25 (S)fermion Masses and Lepton Flavor Violation
S.Kim (Academia Sinica) 25 Leptogenesis and Yukawa mixing angles
N.Ishihara (KEK) 25 DCBA experiment searching for neutrinoless double beta decay
H.J.Kim (Yonsei U.) 25 Double beta decay experiment with HPGe and CsI crystal
Evening Session:
K.Saito (KEK) 40 Basics for superconducting RF cavities and TESLA application
Y.Ohnishi (KEK) 25 Positron target and positron injector linac for LC
Y.Kato (Kinki U.) 20 Chargino mass measurement at the future linear collider in large tan(beta)
H.C.Ha (Korea U.) 20 Simulation study of Intermediate Tracker
H.Yokoyama (Tokyo Sci.U.) 25 K2K experiment in 2002
H.Miyata (Niigata U.) 25 Real-time radiation detector using organic scintillators
2/28(Fri) Morning Session:
HB.Park (Kyungpook U.) 25 Silicon Fabrication in Korea
K.Hoshina (KEK) 25 Status of JUPITER and SATELLITES
H. Fuke (U. Tokyo) 25 Cosmic-Ray Antimatter and BESS Experiment
M.Fukushima (U. Tokyo) 25 Origin of Extremely High Energy Cosmic Rays

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