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2nd Announcement on APPI 2004


1) Departure of the bus from KEK; 16-Feb-2004 (Monday), 11:00AM @ DORM

The chartered bus will depart from the KEK dormitory entrance at 11:00 in the morning. Please come to the KEK dormitory by 10:45AM because loading of baggage takes time.

There will be some reserved seats for special purposes. Please check notices on the seats. Otherwise seating is free. Several movies will be shown in the bus. If you would like to watch them, please be seated in the front part. If you would like to sleep, rear part would be recommended.

2) Arrival at the hotel

The bus will arrive at the hotel around 19:00. However this may change due to the weather, traffic situation, or some other unexpected affair. We will take short rests several times at the service areas on highways. You can have meals there. Note that the bus has no built-in rest rooms.

The name and address of the hotel is

	The Hotel Appi Grand
	tel ; 0195-73-5011
	Ajiro-cho, Ninohe-gun, Iwate-ken, 028-7596, Japan

3) Registration

The registration desk will open from 8:30 am to 9:30 am near the session room on Feb.17. Please pay registration fee etc. at the registration desk. Only cash in Japanese Yen will be accepted. If you will come after Feb.17, please contact with Ms. Toyomura directly.

There is no currency exchange at the hotel. Please prepare Yen beforehand.

4) Session

All sessions will be held at a meeting room 'Oirase' [oirase in Japanses character] on the first basement leve B1 of the main building. An OHP and an LCD projector for PC screen will be prepared. PCs should be brought by speakers. No slide projector will be prepared. See APPI 2004 Program for more details.

5) Proceedings

Proceedings will be published. Speakers are kindly asked to submit their manuscript by March 31, 2004. See APPI 2004 Procceedings for more details.

6) Breakfast/Dinner

Four breakfast coupons and three dinner coupons will be given to each participant. Please take breakfast and dinner by yourself by giving the coupons to the restaurants officers.

You can have a breakfast from 7:00 to 10:00 with choice of either Japanese package (Nana-Shigure, or [nana-shigure in Japanese character], at 2F of the Main Building) or Western buffet (Alberg, or [alberg in Japanese character], at 2F of the Main Building).

Dinner time is from 17:00 to 21:30. You can choose either Japanese package (Nana-Shigure), Chinese package (RanRan, or [ranran in Japanese character], at the 2F of the Tower), Yakiniku package (Richo-en, or [richo-en in Japanese character], at the 1F of the Tower) or Western buffet (Alberg). Prior reservations are necessary.

Please take your lunches by yourself.

On the first day (on 2/17), we will have a welcome dinner from 19:00 at the Western Buffet "Alberg".

7) Climate

Appi is a snowy place located near the north end of Honshu. The average day-time temperature is about minus 10 degrees Celsius. We will not have to go outside, but please keep warm at all times in order not to catch a cold.

8) Hotel facilities

Network (10/100BaseT) is not available either at accommodation rooms or at the session room.

There is a telephone line receptacle to connect your PC via modem in each accommodation room. Please use it to connect to providers of your contract.

The hotel has some activities available for you with an extra charge; see All Season Resort Appi for detail. Reservation for these activities in advance is not necessary.
Skiing You can enjoy skiing at the hotel. Ski rental is available. The rental fee is roughly 6,000yen for ski set and wears for a day. Lift tickets are about 4,000yen for a day. There will be a special discount for both rentals and tickets for participants. The detail will be announced at registration time.
Hot spring Experience the hot spring in the hotel. People should take a bath without swimming wear. There are two kinds of hot spring: a large-sized in-house bath and an outside bath called "Rotenburo". We assure you that you will relax in it with a beautiful view.
Sauna There is one of the largest saunas in Japan, with a maximum capacity of 50 people.
Hot swimming pool Enjoy swimming in the hotel, but please do not forget your swimming wear.
Athletic gymnasium There is an athletic facility in the hotel. Several kinds of machines are available.
Squash You can also play squash in the indoor court.

9) Departure

The bus will leave the Hotel on Feb. 20 (Friday), 11:00, at the entrance of the Main Building. Please check out by 10:30 and come to the Hotel entrance.

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