APPI 2004

APPI 2004 Proceedings

To the Speakers;

Proceedings will be published in English as a KEK Proceedings. Could you please write your manuscript and send to the organizer as follows?

Dead line
March 31, 2004
Number of Pages
10-15 pages are recommended, but no strict limit.
Paper size
No definite format. Will be printed in black and white. Please do not put page numbers.
Media (in order of preference)
1) PDF-file put on some web page to that I can download it.
2) PS-file put on some web page to that I can download it.
3) PDF or PS attached to an e-mail if the file size is small.
4) Single-side-printed paper by postal mail.
*) NO LATEX source file accepted since it depends on environments.
Postal Address
  Takayuki Matsui
  Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies
  High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
  1-1 Oho, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken 305, Japan
Editor's Email address
  Takayuki Matsui <>

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