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[acfa-ir 12] [Fwd: agenda of LCPAC]

Subject:   [acfa-ir 12] [Fwd: agenda of LCPAC]
From:   Toshiaki Tauchi <tauchi@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Tue, 01 Feb 2000 10:18:26 +0900

-------- Original Message --------
件名: agenda of LCPAC
日付: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 19:42:50 +0900
差出人: Fumihiko Takasaki <fumihiko.takasaki@xxxxxx>
組織: KEK
宛先: steve olsen <solsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,nobu katayama
<nobu.katayama@xxxxxx>,yoshikazu yamada
<yoshikazu.yamada@xxxxxx>,mikihiko nakao <mikihiko.nakao@xxxxxx>,sakue
yamada <yamada@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Gus Voss
<M00vos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,shin-ichi kurokawa
<shin-ichi.kurokawa@xxxxxx>,seigi iwata <seigi.iwata@xxxxxx>,masanori
yamauchi <masanori.yamauchi@xxxxxx>,junji haba <junji.haba@xxxxxx>,
ryosuke itoh <ryosuke.itoh@xxxxxx>,katsunobu oide
<oide@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,hidefumi hosogai <hosogai@xxxxxxxxxxx>,yusuke
suetsugu <yusuke.suetsugu@xxxxxx>,atsushi enomoto
<atsushi.enomoto@xxxxxx>,kaoru yokoya <kaoru.yokoya@xxxxxx>,tsumoru
shintake <tsumoru.shintake@xxxxxx>,ritsuko ohta
<rota@xxxxxxxxxxx>,keiichi sakagami <sakagami@xxxxxxxxxxx>,fumihiko
<fumihiko.takasaki@xxxxxx>, kazuhito ohmi <ohmi@xxxxxxxxxxx>,eiji
kikutani <kikutani@xxxxxxxxxxx>,hitoshi hayano
<hitoshi.hayano@xxxxxx>,takayuki matsui <takayuki.matsui@xxxxxx>,yongho
chin <yongho.chin@xxxxxx>,toshiyasu higo
<toshiyasu.higo@xxxxxx>,toshiaki tauchi <toshiaki.tauchi@xxxxxx>

Dear Colleagues:
Attached, please find a revised agenda of the upcoming LCPAC. Although
we have
asked you before, let me remind you again that we ask all speakers to
give a
zerox copy of your transparencies to Mr. Kei-ichi Sakagami of guest office
(Ext 5126) by the 14th morning so that we can make a set of copies of all
speakers before the start of the meeting. We thank you for your
cooperation in advance.

        With best regadrs,
        F. Takasaki
Tentative agenda of the PAC

Place of the meeting : Conference room at the 1st floor of Blg #3

Date : February 15 - 17

Feb 15(Tuesday)
        - closed session -
 9:00   Welcome address         S. Yamada
 9:10   KEK's plan in JFY2000           H. Sugawara
 9:30   Charges and task sharing of this committee              I. Sanda
 9:50         tea/coffee break 

        - open session -
10:10   KEKB accelerator overview               S. Kurokawa
10:40   Summary of the KEKB accelerator review and recommendation      
 G. Voss 
11:10   Plan of luminosity improvement          K. Oide
12:10   Lunch break

13:30   Beam Instabilities at KEKB accelerator          K. Ohmi 
14:00   Upgrade plan of KEKB Vacuum & Mask system               Y. Suetsugu
14:30   Status and upgrade plan of beam bunch feed back system         
E. Kikutani
14:50   Status and upgrade plan of LINAC                A. Enomoto
15:10   Status of Crab-cavity development               K. Hosoyama
15:30   Tea/coffee break

16:00   BELLE overview          S. Olsen 
17:00   Status of BELLE beam backgrounds                J. Haba 
17:30   executive session (closed)
18:30   Welcome party at Sun-role

Feb 16 (Wed)
 9:00   Performance and upgrade plan of BELLE SVD               Y. Yamada
 9:30   BELLE trigger and DAQ : Performance & upgrade plan              M.
10:00   Status of event reconstruction of BELLE experiment             
R. Itoh
10:30   Status of experimental data analysis            N. Katayama
11:00   tea/coffee break        
11:20   LC project overview             S. Iwata
11:30   Accelerator parameter overview          K. Yokoya
12:00   lunch break

13:30   Beam physics studies at ATF             H. Hayano
14:10   R&D on X-band LINAC (I)         Y-H. Chin
14:40   R&D on X-band LINAC (II)                T. Higo
15:10   tea/coffee break
15:30   R&D on C-band LINAC             T. Shintake
16:00   IR studies              T. Tauchi
16:30   Status of detector R&D          T. Matsui
17:00   executive session (closed)

18:00   working dinner
20:00   executive session (closed)

Feb 17(Thurs)

 9:00   executive session (closed)
12:00   lunch break

13:00   adjourn