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[acfa-ir 13] 4th FFIR meeting on 2/17/2000 at KEK

Subject:   [acfa-ir 13] 4th FFIR meeting on 2/17/2000 at KEK
From:   Toshiaki Tauchi <tauchi@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Tue, 15 Feb 2000 14:57:45 +0900

Dear Colleagues;

We will have 4th FFIR meeting.   
The date and place are as follows;

Date: 2/17  (Thu.), 13:30-15:30
Place:  3-gokan, 4th floor, room# 425, KEK.

We will discuss on optimization on 3 tesla solenoid magnet, support
system, super-QC1 and extraction line and others.  
In this week (2/15-2/17), there is LCPAC at KEK.  On 2/16, I will
present IR studies at 16:00-16:30 at the LCPAC, KEK, 1F meeting room of
3-gokan.    In next week, we will have ISG5 meeting at KEK.  So, some of
talks will be presented at SLAC too. 
You are welcome to attend this meeting.

Regards,  T.Tauchi