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[acfa-vtx 12] ACFA-JLC Report

Subject:   [acfa-vtx 12] ACFA-JLC Report
From:   Yasuhiro Sugimoto <yasuhiro.sugimoto@xxxxxx>
Date:   Fri, 17 Nov 2000 15:05:48 +0900

Dear colleagues,

  As you have already heard from Matsui-san,
we have to write the 1st draft of ACFA-JLC report by
the end of this year. So we have to prepare as soon as
possible.  The following is my very tentative proposal
of structure of sub-sections which we are responsible for.

11. Tracking
       11.1 Vertex detector
              11.1.1  Overview (3pages) ---- Sugimoto? (All)
              11.1.2  Study of spatial resolution (6p) ---- Aso? (Toyama,
Tohoku, Niigata)
              11.1.3  Radiation hardness (10p) ---- Stefanov? (Saga, Tohoku)
       11.2 Intermediate tracker (6p) ---- Korean group?
       11.3 Forward silicon tracker (3 p) ---- ????
       11.4 Central tracker (25p) ---- CDC group
       11.5 Performance of the tracking system (10 p) ---- Miyamoto? (KEK,

Let's start discussion.

Y. Sugimoto