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shutdown of acfahep.kek.jp

Subject:   shutdown of acfahep.kek.jp
From:   hiroshi.sendai@xxxxxx
Date:   Fri, 06 Aug 1999 11:20:20 +0900

Dear Colleague,

acfahep.kek.jp will go down on Fri, Aug. 6 1999 16:00 (Japan Time)
due to KEK Tsukuba site power outage.
It will be back on Mon, Aug. 9 1999 9:00.
During the period, web server and mailing lists running on it
are not available.

Thank you.
Hiroshi SENDAI
<A TARGET="_top" HREF="http://acfahep.kek.jp/";>http://acfahep.kek.jp/</A>