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[lcphys 70] Snowmass

Subject:   [lcphys 70] Snowmass
From:   Toshiaki Tauchi <toshiaki.tauchi@xxxxxx>
Date:   Wed, 16 May 2001 18:13:55 +0900

Dear Colleagues,

As you may know, there is a snowmass workshop in this summer
(http://www.snowmass2001.org/).  There is a working group of LC physics and
detectors (E3-group).  Actually, the detector group of 'LC detectors:
concepts and R&D' is a subgroup of E3.  I am one of convenors of this
subgroup together with M. Braidenbach (SLAC) and C. Damerell (RAL) .

Although this is not a world-wide Linear Collider workshop, European
colleagues are planning to participate to present their activities on
TESLA-detectors as much as possible for Americans, many of whom may not be
familiar with Linear collider activities. We think that  international
enthusiasm on linear colliders is indispensable to realize them in near
future.  Warming up such enthusiasm especially in Americans, I would like to
invite your participations presenting detector designs, simulations,
activities on detector R&D for The Asian Joint Linear Collider (JLC).

The current schedule of our subgroup is as follows. There are 3 half
days devoted to the subgroup (the mornings of 9, 13 and 17th July). Also,
there would be a plenty of time to discuss and exchange new ideas between
these days.  Another nice feature of the snowmass is that many accelerator
physicsists are also coming to discuss/work on linear colliders (JLC, NLC,
TESLA and CLIC) as well as other future colliders (VLHC, muon colliders,
B-factories...)  So you will see a whole vision of future colliders and
future projects on particle physics.

Please send me your contributions (talks), so we can arrage the session. You
can see a web-site of the subgroup;
http://battagl.home.cern.ch/~battagl/snowmass2001/SG_detectors.html , for
more information.  If you decide to come, please register for the subgroup
from a web-site of E3-group;
http://battagl.home.cern.ch/battagl/snowmass2001/  .


Toshiaki Tauchi (KEK).