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[lcphys 115] APPI2002 workshop

Subject:   [lcphys 115] APPI2002 workshop
From:   yoshiaki fujii <yoshiaki.fujii@xxxxxx>
Date:   Wed, 16 Jan 2002 16:02:22 +0900

Dear All Researchers;

   The 7th Accelerator and Particle Physics Institute 
(APPI 2002) will be held from Feb.13 to Feb.16 at Appi, 
Iwate, Japan. Organizers are very happy to receive many
registrations since the 1st announcement. The tentative 
talk list is now available on the web at 


   Since we are still receiving registrations, we have 
extended the registration deadline to Jan.18.  We can
accept several more talks and registrations,  and truely 
wish to receive them.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,
Yoshiaki Fujii
Yoshiaki Fujii
     High Energy Accelerator Research Organization,
     Institute of Particle and Nuclear Study
     tel ; 81-298-64-5369
     fax ; 81-298-64-2580
     e-mail ; yoshiaki.fujii@xxxxxx