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[lcphys 116]

Subject:   [lcphys 116]
From:   omori@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:   Tue, 22 Jan 2002 22:48:21 +0900 (JST)

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Cc: omori@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Beijing 2001 photos will be on KEK-web
From: tsunehiko.omori@xxxxxx
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Hello ACFA-LC people,

I would like to ask you followings.

We, KEK people, are going to make two news stories (will be 
written in Japanese) of the ACFA-LCWS-2001 (Beijing) on 
the KEK-web-site.  
In the news stories, we want to use some of photos taken 
in the workshop.  The news stories will appear in the beginning 
of the February. 

Now, photos are stored in:

In the first story,
Day1/T031_KomamiyaInTalk1.JPG, and
will be on the KEK-web.

In the second story,
Day2/T321_AngelinaInTalk1.JPG, and
will be on the KEK-web.

Therefore, photos of following persons will be on the KEK-web.
Kang-san, Komamiya-san, Gunion-san, Heuer-san, 
Angelina-san, Rindani-san, Jiang-san.
In addition, following three persons are on the photos.
Two persons in "Day0/T001_PeopleAtAirPort1.JPG" (The two persons 
who stand just right side of Gunion-san.).
A person in "Day1/T217_Rindani_Who_Jiang.JPG" (The person 
who stands between Rindani-san and Jiang-san.).
I apologize that I do not know names of these three persons.

If you have any inconvenience in showing the pictures on the
KEK-web-site, please notify to Omori.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Bye, Tsunehiko OMORI