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[lcphys 118]

Subject:   [lcphys 118]
From:   omori@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:   Fri, 15 Feb 2002 14:13:26 +0900 (JST)

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Subject: story of Beijing 2001 is on KEK-web
From: tsunehiko.omori@xxxxxx
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Hello ACFA-LC people,

KEK put the news story of the ACFA-LCWS-2001 (Beijing) 
on the KEK-web-site.  


The page is written in Japanese.
On the left and down corner of the page, you will find the small
picture of Komamiya-san.  Please click it, you will see the story.

The story is written in Japanese, therefore I am afraid
many of you will not understand the meaning.
If you do not have Japanese font in your computer, you will 
see some strange letters (not Japanese letter).
I apologize inconvenience of yours.

The story introduces the ACFA, our LC project, the 
Beijing meeting, and recent rapid growth of Beijing.

There are some photos in the story, please enjoy it.
If you click small blue letters under the picture, 
you will see larger version of the picture.

We will put the continuation of the story on next Thursday.

Bye, Tsunehiko OMORI