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[lcphys 138] Accelerator and Particle Physics Institute (APPI2003)

Subject:   [lcphys 138] Accelerator and Particle Physics Institute (APPI2003)
From:   yoshiaki fujii <yoshiaki.fujii@xxxxxx>
Date:   Tue, 03 Dec 2002 13:09:44 +0900

Dear ACFA LC physicists,

   The 8th Accelerator and Particle Physics Institute
(APPI2003) will be held from Feb.25 to Feb.28, 2003 at 
Appi Highland, Japan. The detail is on the web at

Registaration can be also done through the web page above.
If you have any questions, could you please send e-mails to
casually ? For your reference, you can find programs, 
transparencies, and proceeding papers of APPI2002 at


   We usually tend to concentrate on issues which are directly 
connected to one's research field. One of the purposes of this 
APPI workshops are to re-calibrate ourselves by hearing lectures 
of various fields, and to get some new hints from other fields.  
For this purpose, lectures of various fields will be arranged 
in addition to the regular theoretical and experimantal talks 
on particle physics.
   A chartered bus will be arranged for a round trip between KEK 
and the hotel. You simply come to KEK, and can join the workshop 
without any other effort.

   The organizers would truely like to have your participation.

With best regards,
   Yoshiaki Fujii, on behalf of APPI2003 organizers
Yoshiaki Fujii
     High Energy Accelerator Research Organization,
     Institute of Particle and Nuclear Study
     tel ; 81-298-64-5369
     fax ; 81-298-64-2580
     e-mail ; yoshiaki.fujii@xxxxxx