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[lcphys 139] Call for a new name for ACFA Linear Collider Project

Subject:   [lcphys 139] Call for a new name for ACFA Linear Collider Project
From:   "Won Namkung" <namkung@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Wed, 18 Dec 2002 20:23:12 +0900

                                           December 18, 2002

Dear ACFA Colleagues,

I would like to call for possible new names for the linear collider project which we are 
now promoting, i.e. JLC. 

When the project was originally started by our Japanese colleagues two decades ago, the 
project was called as Japan Linear Collider, JLC.  Since then, the project has grown up 
to have more international nature.  Especially, since 1997 when the ACFA statement for 
the linear collider was declared, ACFA has been strongly supporting the JLC project.  
Then JLC has been translated to be a Joint Linear Collider.  By now significant progress 
in promotion of the project has been achieved under ACFA and the linear collider 
promotion committee at KEK.  Based on such progresses, recently ACFA Linear Collider 
Steering Committee (ALCSC) was formed  in Melbourne, Australia to coordinate the 
promotion of the project in Asian region.  However, in spite of such a situation, 
sometimes JLC is still called as Japan Linear Collider, which is not our intention.

Now, an important write-up, "Roadmap Report," is in preparation which describes the basic 
design of accelerator, facilities, site issues as well as roadmap towards project 
realization, and a draft will be distributed soon.  The symposium for the project will be 
held on 12-Feb-2003 in Tsukuba-city. 

We, I myself as the ALCSC chair, and members of the linear collider promotion committee, 
recognized that it is time to go the next step with a new name which more clearly 
expresses the nature of the project.  We hope that the roadmap report will be completed 
with the new name.

For indivisuals who have an idea for the new name, please send your idea to following 
address by an e-mail. 

ACFA office: setsuya.kawabata@xxxxxx

The deadline of sending your mail is 31-Jan-2003. 

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Sincerely yours,

Won Namkung

Chair, Asian Linear Collider Steering Committee (ALCSC)