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[lcphys 152] Beyond asian region

Subject:   [lcphys 152] Beyond asian region
From:   kumada <kumada@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Thu, 30 Jan 2003 23:02:43 +0900

Dear ACFA colleagues,


Many people seems in favor of  putting  “Asia” in a
name  people are proposing.

We should not stick to a word“Asia” though.

Next  collider  should  be  truly  international  and  not  a

Regional one. Therefore,  a  community  of  our  Asian  region

Should propose  a  name  beyond  a  particular  region.
 Otherwise we must argue and fight again which Linear collider  among
Four(NLC, JLC, TESLA,CLIC) Should be chosen.

“Global  Collider “, in this sense, could  be  international  and  become
the  name  beyond Asia.

Best wishes,

                                     Masayuki Kumada, NIRS