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[lcphys 326] Fwd:Snowmass-cosmology

Subject:   [lcphys 326] Fwd:Snowmass-cosmology
From:   "yamamoto222-ee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <yhitoshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Tue, 21 Jun 2005 16:47:10 +0900

Dear colleagues,

     I am forwarding the following announcement.


- Hitoshi


Dear Colleagues,

We are organising the special topics working group on Cosmological 
connections within the ALCPG Workshop in  Snowmass (14-27 August). We 
are inviting you to contribute to this working group.

Details on the Workshop and the general charge for the Physics 
Working groups can be found at

The topics that should be addressed by our working group are listed 
below.  If you intend to contribute on one of these topics (or on 
another relevant topic for dark matter or cosmology that might have 
been omitted from this list) please contact us.


A) Which measurements are important to make at colliders for accurate 
determination of relic density and/or cross-sections relevant for 
direct/indirect detection of dark matter?

1. Existence of SUSY and SUSY mass ranges and couplings from LHC/ILC
2. Existence of Xtra-Dim, measurements at LHC/ILC

B) Dark matter in  direct/indirect detection: LSP mass,  couplings to 
nuclei, helo profile. Correlation between dark matter signals  in 
direct/indirect detection and  new physics  at colliders (including 
the case of a positive
signal in only one type of experiment).

C) Dark matter candidates and possible tests at ILC: LSP in MSSM and 
beyond (CP violation, NMSSM ...), superwimps, Kaluza-Klein dark 
matter, Little Higgs models ...

Best regards,

Genevieve Belanger - belanger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Andreas Birkedal - andreas@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Wim de Boer  - wim.de.boer@xxxxxxx