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[lcphys 371] LCWS2007/ ILC2007: extension of deadline (fwd)

Subject:   [lcphys 371] LCWS2007/ ILC2007: extension of deadline (fwd)
From:   Akiya Miyamoto <akiya.miyamoto@xxxxxx>
Date:   Sat, 14 Apr 2007 05:50:07 +0900

Dear Colleagues,

Please note the following announcement from the local
organizer of LCWS2007.

Akiya Miyamoto


Dear colleague,

the joint meeting of the experimental and machine ILC community,
LCWS2007/ ILC2007 will take place in Hamburg between
May 30 and June 2 (ILC2007) and June 3(LCWS2007).
Details about the meeting and the evolving agenda may be
found on the WEB under


We like to encourage you to register for this meeting as soon as
possible. We have extended the deadline for early registration
by 10 days,

             until April 25.
After this date the registration fee will increase from 300EUR to 350EUR.

Please note as well that many hotels in the vicinity of DESY
are rapidly filling up. Many hotels have special room contingents
reserved for LCWS2007/ ILC2007, and will release these to the
open market soon. To take advantage
of the special rates you need to book soon!

Please note that a few satellite meetings are being
organised before and after the main meeting. Details
of these meetings are also available on the LCWS07 WEB page.

Hope to see you all in Hamburg in May/ June,

Ties Behnke, for the local organising committee.

    Ties Behnke
    Tel +49 40 8998 4918
    e-mail Ties.Behnke@xxxxxxx