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[lcphys 388] Call for ILC detector LOI

Subject:   [lcphys 388] Call for ILC detector LOI
From:   山本 均 <yhitoshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Fri, 5 Oct 2007 08:16:49 +0900

Dear Colleague,

The International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC)
announces a call for Letters of Intent (LOIs) to produce reference
designs for the two ILC detectors. These designs will be detailed
in two Engineering Design Reports (EDRs) to be completed on the
timeline of the machine EDR being prepared by the Global Design Effort.
The guidelines for the LOIs are presented in the appended document
and a public presentation of the WWS roadmap for detectors can be
found in the LCWS07 web site.  The LOIs should be sent to the ILCSC
by October 1, 2008 and will be reviewed by an advisory body appointed
with the approval of ILCSC. This body, together with a management
team led by the  Research Director Sakue Yamada who has been appointed
by ILCSC, will start a process leading to the formation of two groups
capable of preparing the two engineering designs and the EDR documents.

Sincerely Yours,
Shin-ichi Kurokawa

Chairman of the International Linear Collider Committee