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[lcphys 429] LCTW09 - Reminder

Subject:   [lcphys 429] LCTW09 - Reminder
From:   Roman Poeschl <poeschl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Mon, 12 Oct 2009 13:17:59 +0200

Dear Colleagues,

this is to remind you on the linear collider testbeam workshop LCTW09.

The workshop will be held between the 3/11/09 and 5/11/09 at LAL Orsay 
France and addresses topics on testbeam
activities of Linear Collider Detectors in the coming years. More 
details on the workshop as well as the registration form can
be found on the workshop's website


I know of several colleagues who indicated me that they will come to 
Orsay but haven't registered yet. I would ask them to please do so
as soon as possible. This of course also true for all other colleagues 
who envisage to participate in the workshop. Please note that the 
workshop will issue
a document on test beam plans which will be presented to the test beam 
sites and may serve as a reference for our future testbeam activities. 
It is not unlikely
that those projects described in the document will get some priority 
when beam time is scheduled. In addition, on the workshop we will try to 
common tools and means to facilitate the test beam data taking and 
analysis. You may want to be informed about and raise requests to these 
tools at the earliest occasion.

A word on the registration procedure:

Once you have finished the pre-registration, please wait for the 
confirmation by e-mail by the conference secretary. If this
doesn't arrive after two working days, please write an e-mail to 
LCTW09@xxxxxxxxxxxx with copy to me (poeschl@xxxxxxxxxxxx).
After the reception of the confirmation you can go ahead and finalise 
your registration with the electronic payment of the conference fee.

In case of any problem with reception or other issues don't hesitate to 
write an email to either

Valerie Brouillard: brouilla@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Patricia Chemali: chemali@xxxxxxxxxxxx
or directly to me (poeschl@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

*Please note that after the 15/10/09 the registration fee will raise 
from 150 Euro to 175 Euro.*

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Orsay in November,

Roman Poeschl
on behalf of the Organisation Panels