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[lcphys 493] European Strategy Group : Linear Collider input

Subject:   [lcphys 493] European Strategy Group : Linear Collider input
From:   山本 均 <yhitoshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Sat, 18 Feb 2012 11:08:30 +0900

Dear colleagues

A committee to prepare the input from the LC community for the Update 
of the European Strategy Group has been created. The main task of this 
team will be to present the Linear Collider scientific case in the light of 
present and foreseen LHC running. The committee eagerly welcomes 
inputs from outside Europe.

The chair of the committee is Francois Le Diberder.


The formal mandate of the committe is:

The committee is requested to review the physics case for a linear 
electron-positron collider in the centre-of-mass energy range from around 
250 GeV - 3 TeV in the light of LHC results up to mid-2012 and building 
on previous studies.

The committee should consider the case for a linear collider in terms of 
the physics reach beyond that of the LHC under the assumptions in 
the current CERN planning; a) 300 fb-1 and b) 3000 fb-1.

It should assume linear collider performance based on the details contained 
in current documents from ILC and CLIC but without a detailed comparison 
of the relative performance of the machines. The aim is to make the strongest 
possible case for a generic linear collider for submission to the European 
Strategy process.

The committee is requested to submit its draft report to the GDE European 
Regional Director (Brian Foster), the CERN Linear Collider Studies Leader 
(Steinar Stapnes) and the Chair of the ECFA Study for the Linear Collider
( J.F.) by June 18th 2012.

The final version of the report, should be delivered by end July.


The committee members are:

Mark Thomson, James Wells, Georg Weiglein, Francois Le Diberder

James Brau, Harry Weerts

Rohini Godbole, Hitoshi Yamamoto


Best regards
Hitoshi Yamamoto
(as a WWS co-chiar and as a member of the committee)