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[lcphys 503] Fwd: Next ECFA-LC workshop in 2013

Subject:   [lcphys 503] Fwd: Next ECFA-LC workshop in 2013
From:   山本 均 <yhitoshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Tue, 15 May 2012 15:45:17 +0900

Dear colleagues,

 The number of LC conferences/workshops is by default two per year.
Three regions will rotate in hosting the workshops and the one in
autumn is the international linear collider (LCWS) while the one in spring is
regional. This year, the spring workshop was i Asia (KILC!2) and the 
autumn one is to be in Texas (LCWS). Normally, those in 2013 would be
in Europe (ACFA) in spring and in Asia (LCWS) in autumn. 

 The proposal of our European colleagues is to have only one LC workshop
in 2013 - which will be in Europe, either international (LCWS) or regional (ECFA).

 These workshops play an important roles in keeping the LC activity high
and steering focuses of our efforts.

 Please let me know if you have any opinions on this.


- Hitoshi

Begin forwarded message:

> 差出人: Juan Fuster <Juan.Fuster@xxxxxxxxxx>
> 件名: Next ECFA-LC workshop in 2013
> 日時: 2012年5月15日 3:22:49 JST
> 宛先: 山本 均 <yhitoshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, James Brau <jimbrau@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Sakue 
> Yamada <sakue.yamada@xxxxxx>, Maxine S Hronek <maxine@xxxxxxxx>
> Dear Colleagues,
> On a recent meeting by the European WWS OC we discussed the next ECFA-LC workshop to 
> happen in 2013.
> As you know next year it will also become public the European Strategy for Particle 
> Physics. The dates to announce this document are not yet fixed and in fact the official 
> paper will only become available after the CERN council (June/July 2013 in Brussels). 
> Furthermore there will not be any intermediate draft at any time.
> On this consideration we (E-WWS OC) believe that the most appropiate is to make the 
> workshop after the document is made public and available to allow for its implications 
> to be discussed in our community. This however will imply making the workshop at an 
> unusual time and probably after the second half of July with further implications and 
> clashes with other meetings and workshops (LCWS, Snowmass ??, etc..). Would it make 
> sense to have "only one" workshop in 2013 of the usual LC workshops ? either ECFA-LC or 
> LCWS in autumn ?
> Please could you distribute this e-mail and have a discussion in your community on this 
> subject ?, and let us know as soon as possible.
> Thanks and best regards,
> Juan on behalf of the European WWS OC
> Pd. Dear Maxine can you distribute this message to the GDE ?. I am not sure I have all 
> e-mails correct.