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This page provides the information about simulations and analysis tools for ACFA studies.

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The central tracker subgroup (acfa-cdc) consists of these people. The subgroup's mission is to submit to ACFA a possible central tracker design that satisfies requirements from various physics and experimental conditions at the linear collider. The most stringent constraints on the tracker design come from the following: Currently, feasibility of a large cylindrical drift chamber with mini-jet cells is being actively pursued by the JLC CDC group as a primary candidate to meet these conditions. There can, however, be other, possibly beter, solutions. The working group welcomes such new ideas. It is also important to consider the tracking system as a whole: the vertex detector and the intermediate tracker should be regarded as a part of the tracking system. In the course of detector parameter reconcilation including revision of magnetic field strength, it is highly desirable that simulation studies be carried out with such point of view.

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  • November 26-27, 1998 : 1st ACFA LCWS, Beijing, China
  • November 3-6, 1999 : 2nd ACFA LCWS, Seoul, Korea
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