Simple model with a high capacitance kicker

This animation shows the behavior of a feedback system relying on a high capacitance kicker. Click here to see the animation (700 Ko)
It can be split into 4 components:
Phase 1:

A train arrives at IP with a given offset. Luminosity is lost due to this offset.
Phase 2:

The offset is measured on the outgoing bunches and correction is applied to the incoming bunches.
Phase 3:

As non or weakly corrected bunches reach the measuring device, correction is increasing, leading to a too high correction and thus overcorrection.
Phase 4:

Through oscillation between under- and over-correction the system will converge to a zero beam offset at IP.

This is not the best model we could expect as a lot f luminosity is lost during the oscillations!
Simple model with low capacitance kicker.
Delayed model.

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