Simple model with a low capacitance kicker

This animation shows the behavior of a feedback system relying on a low capacitance kicker. Click here to see the animation (400 Ko)
It can be split into 4 components:
Phase 1:

A train arrives at IP with a given offset. Luminosity is lost due to this offset.
Phase 2:

The offset is measured on the outgoing bunches and applied to the incoming bunches.
Phase 3:

The corrected bunch reach the measuring device. The offset seen becomes lower and thus the correction applied is reduced!. The correction now applied is too small to properly correct the beam offset!
Phase 4:

Through oscillation between high and low correction the system will converge to a lower (but non-zero) beam offset at IP.

This is not either the best model we could expect!
Simple model with high capacitance kicker.
Delayed model.

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