Minutes of 22nd FFIR meeting on 2/7/2001

The meeting was held in a room of 3-425 at KEK, 13:30-14:30, 2/7/2001. We discussed on a present status of our studies and the ACFA report.

(1) Present status K.Tsuchiya recently initiated to investigate an application of high-temperature superconductor to accelerator-magnets, which is a kind of permanent magnet. Typical temperature ranges from 77K to 40K, and the higher magnetic field can be obtained at the lower temperature as observed to be 1.27T and 4T at 77K and 40K, respectively. We are very interested in the application to a final focus magnet because of compact with high field and high radiation hardness.

A new final focus optics has been studied by N.Yamamoto. The first design will be made soon, so we hope to have a configuration( field gradient, length and location etc. ) of final doublet, which is essential for designing the superconducting quadrupole magnet, within a week.

(2) Discussion: ACFA report Since the previous meeting, we have received many contributions which are (a) luminosity monitor and active mask from M.Wang (National Taiwan univ.), (b)new mask designs from Y.Sugimoto (KEK), (c) dump line from K.Kubo (KEK) and (d) support system from H.Yamaoka (KEK). K.Yokoya presented a section of "Overview of JLC Parameters" at this meeting, which has been decided to move into a chapter of "Project Overview". He will also prepare a section of "Accelerator Overview". We have been communicating with H.Yamamoto (univ. of Hawaii) and G.Alimondi (now back to his home institute in Milano from UH) on the pair monitor, whose section will be updated soon by H.Yamamoto. Another chapter of "Detector magnet" will be prepared by H.Yamaoka within a week.

For an easy access of most updated draft, we prepared a web-page of URL= http://acfahep.kek.jp/subg/ir/group.only/acfarep/ which is access controlled by requiring user-name and password as follows; user-name=xxxxxxxx and password=xxxxxxxx. We can see a Makefile to compile tex-files, and all contributions are stored in a directory of detir. This page contains only our section and some related topics. Could you check any updates by "last modified" date/time?

The next meeting will be on 28 February (Wed.), 2001 13:30 - 15:30 at 3 gokan, 425.