Minutes of 84th FFIR/BDSIM and 8th ILC-Asia WG4 meeting on 12/1/2004

The 8th meeting was held on Dec.01 10:00 am at rm.425 bldg no.3.

(1) gamma-gamma,  talk by T. Takahashi 
 Report from; US:Jeff GronbergAEurope:Valery Telnov, Klaus Moenig and Albert de Roeck
	(a) J.Gronber et al. will propose LLNL money for laser cavity
                    * It is for polarized positron with laser-Compton
                    * not optimal for the gamma-gamma but many common issues
   **** Polarized positron production with CO2 laser used to be studied  under US-Japan collaboration.
	(a) A project to build the laser resonator for EuroTeV R&D started at Orsay.
                   * It is for polarimeter but gain experiences for gamma-gamma.
	(b) There was a plan to build 1/10 mock-up for TESLA.

* Gamma-gamma will be discussed at nano-BPM WS on 11-12th December.
* All the member (except for Orsay) will meet at LCWS to be held in next March to discuss R&D program.

(2) Andrei's proposal: Submit ATF2 Proposal to PAC to be held in May 2005	
- It will be a good chance to propose ATF2 to the community. 	
- We have to finish ATF2 proposal well before the PAC.

(3) ATF2 Proposal
	Discuss the contents, contribution from Japan/Asia.
	1.  Design of FF.      Kuroda, Kubo, Okugi
		FF Optics
    		Extraction line options: straight or bent to GLCTA area.
        		- Design of extraction line + FF.
        		- Comparison of extraction line versions.
	2.  Tolerance and tuning.    Kuroda, Kubo, Okugi
	   Diagnostics needed in the ATF extraction line and FF.
	   Tolerances for ATF2 and for ILC.
	   Tuning procedures for ATF2 and for ILC.
	3. Instrumentation    Tauchi, Honda, Hayano
    		laserwire, cavityBPM    need  >3Hz, 20bunches operation
    		IP beam size monitor.  Honda (contact person at KEK)
         	- need  >3Hz, 20bunches operation ?  LINAC@12.5Hz
    		IP Beam position monitors  need@nano-BPM  < 2nm!.    Honda
	4. Stability
    		Stability of the ATF/ATF2 environment.   Ground Motion: Sugahara, Masuzawa, Yamaoka
    		Alignment hardware and procedures.
    		Active stabilization, if needed.   UK?
		< ATF beam >  Kuroda, Kubo, Okugi, Hayano
    		Quality of extracted beam.
    		Possibility of extracted train.
         	- 3 trains@DR (3bunches,sb=150ns)  long flat top kicker under construction
         	- ILC style?
    		Extraction kicker, to form the train.
	5. Risk reduction     Sanuki
    		Can we quantify ILC risk reduction due to ATF2?
	6. Optional facility   Takahashi
     	  laser facility
	7. Cost   Tauchi
    		Cost estimation
    	8. Schedule    TDR,  ILC- ground breaking and commissioning, Yokoya
 * Modification of Shintake-Monitor: Shorter wave length laser to measure smaller beam size. Energy of recoil photon will be lower. We need new photon detector? It might be too time-consuming at 5Hz beam repetition. Other bunch structure night be needed to shorten measuring  time.
* Can not operate Shintake-Monitor and nano-BPM simultaneously. Need Shintake-Monitor to study maintenance of 35nm beam-size. Need nano-BPM to study controlling beam orbit at nona-meter level. Change IP configuration depending on study topics  or develop new monitor.

(4) ATF2 name and Logo
	Andrei's proposal.
	(a) Andrei;
	However, had an idea about a name for ATF2 == CAMELOT.
	Associations: round table, knights, discuss and solve all questions together.
	It also could be spelled as

    final fOcus
           Test facility

(5) ATF2 budget
	- We guess that KEK would pay for infrastructure such as floor reform, hopefully.
	- We are afraid we can not get enough budget from KEK to produce FF components.


The next meeting will be on 8 December, 2004,10:00 - at 3 gokan, 425 .