Minutes of 91st FFIR/BDSIM and 13th ILC-Asia WG4 meeting on 1/26/2005

The 13th meeting was held on Jan.26 10:00 am at rm.425 bldg no.3.


Jan. 26 10:00
Rm.425 bldg.3 at KEK.

(1) ATF2 proposal
   - Editorial board prepared possible table of contents and candidate 
author list.

	Chap. 1 Overview of the ATF2 project at KEK
	1.1	ATF2 project (3 pages)
		T. Tauchi, K. Yokoya and T. Sanuki,

	1.2	Experience from FFTB (3 pages)

	Chap. 2 Optics
	2.1 FF optics and tolerances compared with the ILC-FF, extraction line 
options (3 pages)
		M.Pivi, A.Seryi, M.Woodley, S. Kuroda, K.Kubo, T.Okugi

	2.2 Tolerances and tune-ability, optics design uniqueness & scaling to 
1TeV (3 pages)
		D.Angal-Kalinin, R.Appleby, kuroda

	Chap. 3 Instrumentation
	3.1 IP nano-BPM (3 pages)
		Y. Honda, T.Tauchi, H.Hayano, V.Vogel

	3.2 Laserwire (3 pages)
		Y. Honda, T.Tauchi, H.Hayano
		S.Malton, C.Driouichi, I.Agapov, J.Carter

	3.3 IP beam size monitor (3 pages)
		T. Sanuki
		A.Brachmann, M.Woods

	Chap. 4 ATF extraction line (5 pages)
	- Performance of the ATF extraction line
	- Vertical dispersion and coupling correction in extraction line
   		M. Ross, K. Kubo, M.Woodley

	Chap. 5 Kicker
	5.1 Kicker design, to produce the ILC-like train (3 pages)
    		M.Ross, H.Hayano, T.Naito

	5.2 BINP kicker design proposal (TBC) (3 pages)
		B.Grishanov, F.Podgorny (TBC)

	Chap. 6 Beam stabilization
	6.1 Intra-train feedback and possible active stabilization (3 pages)
		P.Burrows, S.Molloy , A.Kalinin

	6.2 Alignment & stabilization hardware and procedures (3 pages)

	6.3 Ground motion at the ATF and ATF2 areas (3 pages)
		R.Sugahara, Masuzawa, Yamaoka

	Chap.7 Can we quantify ILC risk reduction due to ATF2? (3 pages)

	Chap. 8 Schedule of ATF2, TDR and ILC (3 pages)

	Chap. 9 Cost estimation (3 pages)

	Appendix "Proposal of laser facility for photon collider option" (3 
		T.Takahashi (photon collider group)
	  	J.Gronberg (TBC)

	(Total 54 pages)

   - tentative schedule
       Feb.  4th  Fix authors
       Feb. 25th  0th draft
       Mar. 11th  draft

(2) Very low ripple beam-line (Kumada)

   - Magnet: design parameters (inductance and resistance) from PS 
designer's view.
   - PS: revisit common mode rejection.
   - Very preliminary magnet parameters were presented.

(3) ATF2 organization (Tauchi)

   - ATF2 WG's in KEK were proposed:
     (a) Optics, tuning and commissioning ; lead by S.Kuroda
     (b) Magnets and vacuum ; lead by T.Tauchi
     (c) Alignment and supports ; lead by R.Sugahara
     (d) Instrumentation ; lead by Y.Honda
     (e) Conventional facility ; lead by J.Urakawa
     (f) Optional facility ; lead by T.Takahashi
   - Each WG consists of a few sub WG's.

     - We have to consider our schedule of design and production.

The next meeting will be on 2 February, 2005,10:00 - at 3 gokan, 425 .