Minutes of 92nd FFIR/BDSIM and 14th ILC-Asia WG4 meeting on 2/2/2005

The 14th meeting was held on Feb.2 10:00 am at rm.425 bldg no.3.


Feb. 2 10:00
Rm.425 bldg.3 at KEK.

(1) ATF2 proposal
     (For the meantime, password protected. username: atf2 / password: proposal)
     - Check the table of contents and "possible" author list (See below)
     - About 50 pages in total, including figures
     - For communication, use the BDS mailing list
     - If we can include a detailed description of vacuum, control, magnets and so on,
       the document will be a design report ?

(2) ATF2 layout
     - Need to estimate required area for post IP to determine the size of shield.
     - total length should be less than about 56m  (FF 37m long);
     - Requirements;
       * about 5m until dump (Marc Ross)
       * dump and detectors (CsI or cherenkov,Shintake monitor, laserwire )
       * require a bend for the gamma separation to measure the Compton e's
       * collision with a laser  (gamma-gamma collider test facility)
         -> need to estimate optical cavity layout and detector type (E, position, angle...)
       * a chicane for laserwire system at upstream of the ATF2-FF
       * laser wire will replace current wire scanner to measure x, y, x', y' and energy

(3) RF Kicker for LC, headon collision
     - issues -- machine protection and effect on the incoming beam
       * 133 independent amps -> one amp failure gives 1% effect
       * the effect on the incoming beam
         x <0.03urad,   y < 0.002urad  to be less than the beam divergence by using phasing for compensation
       * insulated pipe for the magnetic field (3MHz)  - J_PARC
       * kicker size (C-type core with 2cm gap)
         width 4cm-20cm,  4m long (2.5cm x 133  FINEMET core ( made of the tape )
       * Power consumption 30KW
       * Need design of the extraction line

Next meeting:
Feb. 9 10:00
Rm.425 bldg.3 at KEK.
(1) ATF2 optics and instrumentation (Kuroda)
(2) Dump line designed for GLC (Kubo)
(3) Magnets and PS (Kumada)
(4) Others

* tentative table of contents and  possible authors

Justification of the international ATF2 projects(including FFTB experience)
T.Raubenheimer,  D.Schulte, P.Tenenbaum, K.Yokoya, G.Blair, T.Sanuki, A.Seryi

Chapter 1: Overview of the ATF2 project at KEK (3 pages)
             T. Tauchi, K.Yokoya and T. Sanuki

Chapter 2: Optics
	2.1 FF optics and tolerances compared with the ILC-FF, extraction  line options (3 pages)
		M.Pivi, A.Seryi, M.Woodley, S. Kuroda, K.Kubo,  T.Okugi,O.Napoly, J.Payet
	2.2 Tolerances and tune-ability, optics  design uniqueness & scaling  to 1TeV (3 pages)
		D.Angal-Kalinin, R.Appleby, M.Pivi, J.Jones, D.Schulte,  F.Zimmermann
	2.3 Beam Diagnosis(Requirements for laserwire, cavityBPM and Shintake monitor and layout of them)
		S.Kuroda, K.Kubo, A,Seryi, D.Angal-Kalinin

Chapter 3: Instrumentation
	3.1 Cavity BPMs ( 100nm for Q's and 2nm for IP)
		Y. Honda, T.Tauchi,  H.Hayano, V.Vogel, H.-H.Braun, M. Ross
	3.2 Laserwire (3 pages)
		G. Blair, N. Delerue, D. Howell, Y.Honda, S.Malton, C.Driouichi, I.Agapov, J.Carter, S.T.Boogert
	3.3 IP beam size monitor (3 pages)
		A.Brachmann, T.Sanuki, Y.Honda, C.Driouichi,  M.Woods, N. Delerue, D. Howell

Chapter 4: ATF extraction line & extraction line diagnostics
	4.1 Performance  of the ATF extraction line (3 pages)
		K. Kubo, J.Urakawa, P.Logachov, M.Ross,  E.Torrence
	4.2 Vertical dispersion, 2nd order dispersion, and coupling correction in extraction line (3 pages)
		M.Woodley, K.Kubo, M.Ross,  A.Seryi

Chapter 5: Kicker
	5.1 Kicker design, to produce the ILC-like train (3 pages)
		M.Ross, H.Hayano,  J.Nelson
	5.2 BINP kicker design proposal (3 pages)
		B.Grishanov, F.Podgorny

Chapter 6: Beam stabilization
	6.1 Intra-train feedback and possible active  stabilization (3 pages)
		P.Burrows, S.Molloy , A.Kalinin, N.Delerue, G.White,  G.Christian
	6.2 Alignment & stabilization hardware and procedures  (3 pages)
		R.Sugahara, P.Burrows, D.Urner, A.Reichold, R.Ruland,  Y.Higashi, M.Masuzawa
	6.3 Ground motion at the ATF and ATF2 areas  (3 pages)
		M.Masuzawa, R.Sugahara, H.Yamaoka

Chapter 7: Can we quantify ILC risk reduction due to ATF2? (3 pages)
	Rsik reduction

Chapter 8: Schedule of ATF2, TDR and ILC (3 pages)

Chapter 9: Cost estimation (3 pages)
		T.Tauchi, T.Markiewicz, P.Bambade

Chapter 10: ATF2 magnets (3 pages)
	Hardware design of magnets and power-supplies
		C.Spencer, Y.Iwashita,  T.Mihara, M.Kumada

Chapter 11: ATF DR performance with ILC train (3 pages)
	Future upgrade of ATF  DR
		M.Kuriki, J.Urakawa, S.Mtingwa

Appendix: "Proposal of laser facility" (3pages)
	gamma-gamma  option etc.
		T.Takahashi (photon collider group), J.Gronberg, V.Telnov



The next meeting will be on 9 February, 2005,10:00 - at 3 gokan, 425 .