Minutes of 94th FFIR/BDSIM and 6th ILC-Asia WG4 meeting on 2/16/2005

The 16th meeting was held on Feb.9 10:00 am at rm.425 bldg no.3.

Feb. 9 10:00
Rm.425 bldg.3 at KEK.
(1) ATF2 proposal (T. Sanuki)
     The ATF2 proposal web site was updated.
     The LaTeX templates and PDF files were uploaded.

     - Contact to FNAL and J-Lab
     - 0th draft  Feb. 25th

(2) Bunch compression with a RF unit and  a chicaneiE. Kimj

     - To keep energy spread small, reduce compression factor.
     - Shorter bunch will improve resolution of Vogel's BPM
     - Compression factor of 3 is enough ? (asked at the video meeting,  2/17, 9-10am)
     - NLC-like FF has a wide band width of ~1%.
     - about 15m length of additional line (RF and chicane) is necessary
     - Move BC to upstream ?
     - S-band system might be easy to obtain.

(3) RF kicker for headon collision (Iwashita)

     - Two sample cores  (2 x 4 cm^2 gap  FT-3M,-3L  (12 x 14 cm^2)) ordered
     - power estimation  0.25T, 3MHz,  45kW/core x 133 (0.25T x 4m, 1mrad) x (133cores, 144 Amp's)
     - Wrong bucket problem (dark current, beam in other RF buckets)
     - We have to estimate
       (i) the number of electrons in a wrong bucket and
       (ii) allowable electron in wrong buckets in terms of detector.

(4) Dump line optics presented at LCWS2004 (Kubo)

     - 2nd IP   for beam diagnostics
     - design for the head-on collision with the RF kicker

(5) Magnets (Kumada)

     - 10 SLC magnets are available for ATF2 ? (Marc)
       * 20-21cm long  ( the length is good. )
       * Power supplies     x 10 worse stability for higher energy than the ATF2.
       * 12.5mm aperture ->  what size of beam pipe is optimized ?
         32mm outer dia. at the ext.line, 18mm inner diameter in a cavity BPM, 6mm at IP
     -> Tauchi  (Check diameter, space between magnets etc. Kanazawa, Honda....)

(6) Agenda of the TV meeting , 2/17, 9-10am:
        Date and time: 2/17, 9-10am (Japanese time)
                              2/16, 4-5pm (SLAC time)
                              2/17, 0-1am  (UK time)
      (a) Update on the IP/FF cavity design, V.Vogel
      (b) Minimum beam pipe radius from the optics etc.
        and ATF2 optics updatees, by A.Seryi, D.Kalinin, S.Kuroda ...
      (c) ATF2 organization
      (d) other

The next meeting will be on 23 February, 2005,13:30 - at 3 gokan, 325 .

(1) ATF2 proposal
(2) ATF2 optics and instrumentation (Kuroda)
(3) BC with a RF unit and  a chicane (E. Kim)
(4) Beam pipe diameter, space between magnets etc. (Tauchi)
(5) RF kicker for headon collision (Iwashita)
(6) Dump line designed for GLC (Kubo)
(7) Magnets and PS (Kumada)
(8) Others