Minutes of 102nd FFIR/BDSIM and 24th ILC-Asia WG4 meeting on 4/20/2005

ILC Asia WG4 : Minutes of 24th meeting

Apr. 20 10:00
Rm.425 bldg.3 at KEK.

(1) Candidate list for the 2nd week of Snowmass WS.
		Beam delivery design - Kuroda
		Machine Detector Interface - Tauchi
		Beam collimation (- Kuroda)
		Beam dumps
    - One - three people form IHEP/ PAL will be candidate authors.
    - Ask IHEP/ PAL people their speciality and candidate author

(2) BPM and BSM at IP
    - If a BPM triplet were placed just downstream of the Shintake monitor, they could be used to infer the beam jitter at the IP.
    - We have to place two BPMs just downstream and upstream of the Shintake monitor to measure angle, position and size simultaneously
    - Beam profile (position of "center") might be different at BPMs from that at FP.
    - It would be possible to measure beam position at nm level even if beam size is ~micron.
    - We have to study how to study/find waist point even before beam tuning.
    - Consider tuning procedure in very beginning of ATF2.
    - When we lost signal from Sintake monitor, will stair e beam or laser?
    - Study dynamic range and stability of Shintake-monitor.
    - Ask SLAC people to transfer their experience at FFTB to ATF2 people.

(3) Layout of FP/IP
    - We have to know BG at FP/IP and beam dump.
    - Measure BG rate at current beam dump of ATF.

Next meeting:
Apr. 27 10:00
Rm.425 bldg.3 at KEK.
TV conference (ID=31110)

   (1) ATF2 proposal / PAC05 paper
   (2) BPM and BSM at IP (Honda)
   (3) ATF2 optics Layout (Kuroda)
   (4) BG measurement around beam dump at ATF. (Suehara)
   (5) IP/FP Layout (Suehara)
   (6) 5mm diameter beam pipe at IP (Tauchi)
   (7) Shintake-monitor (Suehara)
   (8) Others

----- Tomo SANUKI