Minutes of 104th FFIR/BDSIM and 26nd ILC-Asia WG4 meeting on 5/11/2005

ILC Asia WG4 : Minutes of 26nd meeting

May 11 10:00
Rm.425 bldg.3 at KEK.

(1) ATF2 proposal
     - Prepare most important missing chapters, Cost & Schedule, ASAP.
     - Propose a new section of "strategy for the commissioning beam."  Try to find candidate author.

(2) PAC05
     - Tauchi will prepare the poster.

(3) ILC-BDIR WS in London
     - Should make the mission clear: Who will attend? What can we acquire?

(4) Meeting of ATF2-BPM with PAL group (Tauchi)
     - Five people visited KEK from PAL.
     - Discuss the schedule of Q-BPM production
     - Production of 22 Q-BPM will start in January.
     - For more detailed information, visit the web sites:

(5) ATF2 optics Layout (Kuroda)
     - Checking the current calculations.
     - Multipole of Q-magnets is small enough to keep small beam size.

(6) Shintake-monitor (Suehara)
     - Should consider bremsstrahlung from residual gas / beam pipe and
       radiation from beam dump as background.
     - Bremsstrahlung might be eliminated by using cylindrical detector.
     - Try to reject the beam-dump BG by timing information.
     - Measure the beam-dump BG at the current ATF beam dump (5/16 -)
     - Observe 30 micron fringe pattern with 15 micron pinhole.

(7) Fringe pattern measurement (Kume)
     - Magnify the fringe pattern with a microscope and observe it with  CCD.
     - CCD gives real-time image.

(8) Mailing list.
    - Any material concerning ATF2 should be posted to the bds mailing list.
    - ATF people should register at the bds mailing list.

Next meeting:
May 18 10:00
Rm.425 bldg.3 at KEK.
TV conference (ID=31110)

   (1) ATF2 proposal
   (2) ATF2 optics (Kuroda)
   (3) BG measurement around beam dump at ATF. (Suehara)
   (4) Fringe pattern measurement (Kume)
   (5) Snowmass
   (6) Others