Minutes of 118th FFIR/BDSIM and 40th ILC-Asia WG4 meeting on 9/21/2005

ILC Asia WG4 : Minutes of 40th meeting
September 21 10:00
Rm.425 bldg.3 at KEK.

(1) ATF2 proposal vol.2 and update of the cost estimation, by T.Tauchi

The drafts of "organization" and "cost" have been received from Urakawa-san and Tauchi, respectively. The cost part will include the international contributions from France(Orsay, LAL and LAPP), CERN, DESY, UK-universities, SLAC. At present, the SLAC and UK contributions are still missing. The "timeline" will be prepared by Yokoya-san. We also discussed on updating the cost estimate for budget request in next year as well as the volume-2. All the sub-groups should review the cost estimation.

(2) Shintake monitor, by T.Suehara

( transparency, pdf, 7pages, 6MB )
Possibility of beam test at TERAS is briefly reported. TERAS is a 800MeV electron storage ring at AIST, Tsukuba-city, where MUG (mu-e gamma) group has used the test beam. Photons of 1-40MeV (almost mono-chromatic ) can be available from Compton scattering between 300-800MeV electron beam (TERAS) and laser with 1064, 532, 355 and 266nm wave length. Detailed information will be asked to the AIST. First, we agreed that feasibility study of the gamma detector must be executed with GEANT simulation. He will report a test plan in next meeting.

(3) Novel proposal of beam size monitor at IP, by J.Urakawa

( transparency, pdf, 9 pages, 680KB )
A novel proposal of beam size monitor is presented, which is based on a Fabry-Perot interferometer with optical cavity. The cavity consists of two mirrors whose position must be controlled with accuracy of pico-meter level. To match the 2.8nsec bunch separation at the ATF, the distance between two mirrors is 84cm. First, 752nm wave length laser of 30nJ/pulse/10ps will be accumulated in the cavity. So, the accumulation factor must be 1,000 -10,000 for enough intensity. At the same time, the laser produces the interference . As the Shintake monitor, this monitor can measure the beam size at IP if the wavelength is chosen to be 532nm. One graduate student of Kyoto university will study on this monitor. This proposal is a part of JSPS Gakujutu-Sousei Program which has been approved.

(4) Discussion on the BDS-BCD

The draft of BDS-BCD is updated on a webpage of http://www-project.slac.stanford.edu/ilc/acceldev/beamdelivery/bds_bcd_acd.htm . One possible "objective" issue was pointed out in the discussion, that is the compact superconducting final focus Q-magent , The KEK experts expressed some concerns on the design. Tauchi communicated with Andrei on this issues. We would like to suggest the critical review with experts at the Nanbeam2005, 17-21 October, Kyoto, URL= http://wwwal.kuicr.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NanoBM . The design has been updated since SNOWMASS. You can find it on a webpage of http://www-project.slac.stanford.edu/lc/bdir/Meetings/beamdelivery/2005-09-20/index.htm .