Pre-talks (outline of talk, at least)
Sessions at the MDI workshop : 
general overview talk, 1/7, 2005, 8:30-9:10: (30' + 10')
Beam Optics Design, Beam Collimation, Final Doublet, Beam Dumps;  S. Kuroda

ATF2 mini-workshop :  1/5,2005
Overview of the ATF2 project at KEK     T. Tauchi   30'
Schedule of ATF2, TDR and ILC           K. Yokoya   20'
FF optics design for ATF2               S. Kuroda   20'
Performance of the ATF extraction line  K. Kubo     20'
IP nano-BPM for ATF IP, laserwire,      Y. Honda    20'
and IP beam size monitor
Ground motion at the ATF and ATF2       T.Tauchi    20'