30 May - 13 June?  Fiducialization of three BINP-BPMs and electronics test 
                   by ATF beam
1 July             Shipment of the BPMs to SLAC if residual radiation is OK.
       - October   Assembling the BPMs in the support tube
6 October?         Shipping of the three BPMs and the support tube to KEK
       - 20 Oct.   Setup the three BPM system at ATF
20 October         ATF will restart the operation.
       -  Dec.     Beam test
Jan.   -  March    Beam test with the x-band BPM?

Now    - 16 June   ANSYS calculations on the Livermore support tube, and
                   results will be presented and discussed at ISG10 meeting.
       - 26 May    List up specifications of support system for nano-BPM.
26 May - 1 Sep.?   Design of KEK support system based on the specifications
                   including FEM analysis
Sep.               Review the KEK design by ours, SLAC and Livermore
now    - Oct.      Fabrication and test of low power model of c-band BPM
Oct.   - 2004 Feb. Fabrication of c-band BPM based on the low power model
                   (One BPM is already funded, we would like to fabricate
                   two more BPMs if funded.)
Oct.   - 2004 Feb. Fabrication of the KEK system if it is funded.
March  - April     Setup the KEK system at ATF, which is preferable at
                   difference place without interference to the
                   support tube.
If the KEK system is not funded,
March  - April      Assemble the c-band BPM(s) in the support tube?
April  - June       Beam test

Collaboration meeting

1. 4 June and 12 June,2003; SLAC, KEK
2. first week in October,2003; SLAC, Livermore, Phil Burrows, KEK