Schedule of NanoBPM studies, December, 2003

SLAC/Livermore 2003 30 May - 13 June? Fiducialization of three BINP-BPMs and electronics test by ATF beam 1 July Shipment of the BPMs to SLAC if residual radiation is OK. - October Assembling the BPMs in the support tube 20 October ATF restarted the operation. - Dec. Beam test 2004 13 January Shipping of the three BPMs and the support tube to SLAC 26 February Shipping of the three BPMs and the support tube to KEK 27 Feb.- 8 March Setup/install the three BPM system at ATF -19 March Beam studies March - June Beam test (no metrology frame)
KEK 2003 Now - 16 June ANSYS calculations on the Livermore support tube, and results will be presented and discussed at ISG10 meeting. - 26 May List up specifications of support system for nano-BPM. 26 May - 1 Sep.? Design of KEK support system based on the specifications including FEM analysis Summer shutdown improvements of the ATF facilities Sep. - 4 Nov. Review(assessment) the KEK design by ours, SLAC and Livermore - Oct. Fabrication and test of low power model of c-band BPM Oct. - March 2004 Fabrication of c-band BPM based on the low power model (One BPM is already funded, we would like to fabricate two more BPMs if funded.) Jan. 2004 First electronics June 2004 Fabrication of the three BPMs and three electronics Dec. 2003 Prototype mover fabrication March 2004 Fabrication of the KEK system ;three movers, three dummy cavities and reference bar with the granite girder. March - July 2004 Studies of the KEK system with the dummy cavities ( no beam ) Feb. 2004 Long kicker pulse by long PFL with long cable, > 6Hz ? - verification of the improved stability (cooling water) for a few minutes - correlation between DR-BPMs and EXT-BPMs. - modification of optics at the extraction line - to reduce "large" dispersion > 2m. Feb. 2004 GM measurements by STS-2 at the ATF extraction line. March 2004 Installation of new DCCT to remove the 50Hz fluctuation April 2004 PC based μm feedforward test to stabilize the extracted beam July - Sep. 2004: Installation of the KEK system during summer shutdown Oct. 2004 Beam test
Collaboration meeting The 2nd mini-workshop: 4,5 November,2003 at KEK; SLAC, Livermore, UK, KEK