We had a meeting on the ATF2 IP-BPM at 15:30-16:30, 17th April 2006, ATF meeting room, which is the 0th meeting. We discussed on work plan of Philippe for 4 months.

Participants are listed below;

Philippe will stay at KEK until 7th August 2006. His tasks are (1) to test new electronics for the IP-BPM for one month, (2) to understand electromagnetic properties of IP-BPM with MAFIA calculation, (3) to participate in beam tests and (4) to write the summary report of his work.

The ATF operation periods are 4/17-21, 5/15-19, 5/22-26, 6/5-9 and 6/12-16. In April, he is encouraged to participate in Nano-BPM study by SLAC group for experience of cavity-BPMs in beam line. During the first beam shut down period for 4/22-5/14, we can access to the beam line in order to check out the electronics system with installed QBPMs. In May, we will test the new electronics with the QBPM in the beam line. We may have a hot model of IP-BPM which can be installed in the beam line for test. Since the IP-BPM has very small aperture (6mm x 12mm), the installation should be in the last ATF operation before summer shutdown for minimizing possible effect on other experiments. In parallel, he will learn MAFIA program to understand the electromagnetic properties of IP-BPM and to be able to design a cavity-BPM .

To work on the electronics in the assembly hall, he must obtain a certification of radiation worker from his university. This is the most urgent subject.

His office will be available tomorrow afternoon, 18th April, in a building near the KEKB control, where Honda-san has his office too. Honda-san helps a network connection (wire) for him.

We will have regular meeting once for two weeks. So, the next meeting will be 8th May.