First Mini-Workshop on Nano Project at ATF

KEK, Building 3, First floor meeting room

June 5-6, 2004

This workshop is natural extension of the nanometer BPM mini-workshop and it could be the third one. The purpose of the mini-workshop is to evaluate possible studies and discuss experiments using cavity BPM's and fast (intra-train) feedback system in the ATF extraction line.


Program is listed below, where talks can be obtained.

5th June 2004Saturday
Fast feedback System: FONT and FEATHER
9:00-9:15Welcome and workshop planT.Tauchi
9:15-9:45Report on FONT2 Beam Runs, Nov03-Jan04 (ppt , pdf)P.Burrows
9:45-10:15FONT Hardware : Processing electronics and current beam tests (ppt, pdf) S. Molloy
10:15-10:45Coffee break
10:45-11:15Very Preliminary FONT3 Jitter Study Data (ppt, pdf)G.Whilte
11:15-11:45FEATHER: Feedback AT High Energy Requirements (pdf)H.Fujimoto (N. Delerue)
11:45-13:30Lunch KEK Cafeteria or Restaurant
13:30-14:00NanoBPM Analysis Update (pdf)M. Cooke
14:00-14:30Common Mode Characteristics of Cavity BPM Receiver (ppt, pdf)S. Smith
14:30-15:00nanometer BPM status and plans ( ppt, pdf)M. Ross
15:00-15:30Coffee break
15:30-16:00Measurements of stray field in the NLCTA area (ppt, pdf)J. Frisch
16:00-16:30Nanometer BPM alignment and metrology frame (pdf)J.Gronberg
16:30-17:00Optical Anchor / Interferometer Status (ppt, pdf)J. Frisch
17:00-17:30Vibrational properties of the KEK reference system (ppt, pdf, and movies:1st, 2nd,3rd mode, H.Yamaoka (T.Tauchi)
18:30-20:30Workshop dinner Restaurant
6th June 2004Sunday
NanoBPM; KEK System
9:00-9:30Performance test of mover system, electronics, etc. (pdf)Y.Honda
9:30-10:00Current Status of LASER FRAME for KEK Nano-BPMs (ppt, pdf)Y.Higashi
10:00-10:30Development of X-band Cavity BPM (ppt, pdf)T.Naito
10:30-10:50Coffee break
10:50-12:00Discussion on future plan; summary (pdf, htm)All
ATF/GLCTA plan (ppt, pdf)H. Hayano