Second Mini-Workshop on Nano Project at ATF

KEK, Building 3, First floor meeting room

December 11-12, 2004

This workshop is the second mini-workshop on nano project at ATF. The primary purpose of the mini-workshop is to evaluate possible studies and discuss experiments using cavity BPM's and fast (intra-train) feedback system in the ATF extraction line. At this workshop, the content is expanded to an energy spectrometer with cavity-BPMs, laserwire for precise beam size monitor and the ATF2 of final focus and photon facilities.


Program is listed below, where talks can be obtained.

11th December 2004Saturday
Fast feedback System: FONT and FEATHER
9:00-9:15Welcome and workshop planJ. Urakawa and T.Tauchi
9:15-9:45FEATHER: Feedback AT High Energy Requirements (pdf)H.Fujimoto
9:45-10:15Plans for FONT3 and future feedback experiments (ppt , pdf)P.Burrows
10:15-10:45Coffee break
10:45-11:15Superfast BPM processor scheme and first results (ppt, pdf) S. Molloy
11:15-11:45 Jitter monitor and first results (ppt, pdf)A.Kalinin
11:45-13:30Lunch KEK Restaurant
Jitter Control and the ATF2
13:30-14:00jitter control of the ATF extraction line (double kicker system(present) and feedforward system (future). (ppt, pdf)H. Hayano
14:00-14:15Stripline kicker design and power plan (ppt, pdf)M. Ross
14:15-14:30study plan of stripline kicker atATF (ppt, pdf)T. Naito
14:30-15:00EXTRACTION OF ILC-LIKE TRAIN FROM ATF DR ( word file, pdf)F.V. Podgorny,B.I.Grishanov
15:00-15:30Coffee break
15:30-16:00Overview of the ATF2 ( pdf,key)T.Tauchi
16:00-16:30ATF2 studies at KEK (ppt, pdf)S.Kuroda
16:30-17:00First investigation of the ATF2 from SLAC (ppt, pdf)A. Seryi (video)
17:00-17:30First investigation of the ATF2 from Europa (ppt, pdf)D.Angal-Kalinin (phone)
17:30-18:00Stabilization (GM and inclination) at the ATF2 area (ppt, pdf)M. Masuzawa
18:30-20:30Welcome Party Japanese restaurant
12th December 2004Sunday
Energy spectrometer, optical alignment and Laserwire
9:00-9:30UK plans for energy spectrometer studies (ppt, key, pdf)S. Boogert
9:30-10:00Motion Stabilization with Nano-Meter Precision ( pdf) A.Reichold , D.Urner
10:00-10:30Coffee break
10:30-11:00UK laserwire plan (ppt, ppt, key, pdf)S. Boogert
11:00-11:30Pulsed stacked laserwire (ppt, pdf)K. Takezawa
11:30-13:00Lunch Lunch Box
Nano BPM
13:00-13:30Cavity BPM analysis(ppt, pdf)S. Walston
13:30-14:00Cavity BPM simulation - coupling and tuning(ppt, pdf)S. Smith
14:00-14:30Cavity BPM signals(ppt, pdf)T. Orimoto
14:30-15:00Coffee break
15:00-15:30Beam test results of KEK-NanoBPM(key, pdf)Y. Honda
15:30-16:00Laser frame of KEK-NanoBPM(ppt, pdf)Y. Higashi
16:00-16:30Novel cavity-BPM at IP (ppt, pdf)V. Vogel
16:30-17:30Discussion on future plan; summary (pdf, txt)All