Third Mini-Workshop on Nano Project at ATF

KEK, Building 4, Seminat Hall at the First floor

May 30-31, 2005

This workshop is the second mini-workshop on nano project at ATF. The primary purpose of the mini-workshop is to evaluate possible studies and discuss experiments using cavity BPM's and fast (intra-train) feedback system in the ATF extraction line. At this workshop, the content is expanded to an energy spectrometer with cavity-BPMs, laserwire for precise beam size monitor and the ATF2 of final focus and photon facilities.


Program is listed below, where talks can be obtained.

30th May 2005Monday
9:00-9:20Welcome and the ATF2 international collaboration in future (ppt, pdf)J.Urakawa
9:20-9:50Optics, tuning method and tolerances of initial alignment, magnets, power supplies and movers (ppt, pdf) A.Seryi
Analysis of Multipole and Position Tolerances for the ATF2 Final Focus Line (ppt, pdf)J.Jones
9:50-10:35Coffee break
10:35-10:55Q-BPM (ppt, pdf) Y.Honda
10:55-11:15 Electronics of Q-BPM (ppt, pdf)M.Ross
11:15-11:35IP-BPM (ppt, pdf) V.Vogel
11:35-11:55Shintake monitor and the background estimation (ppt, pdf) T.Suehara
11:55-12:15Magnets, movers and power supllies (ppt, pdf) R.Sugahara
12:15-13:00Lunch KEK Restaurant
13:00-15:00ATF weekly meeting KEKB control building
Laserwire and FONT
15:00-15:15Brief overview of nano-projects in the ATF extraction line; connection with ATF2 (ppt, pdf)M.Ross, T.Tauchi
15:10-15:35Overview of intra-train beam feedback program (ppt, pdf)P.Burrows
15:35-15:55BPM processor design and results(ppt, pdf)S.Molloy
15:55-16:15Amplifier and feedback circuit design(ppt, pdf)P.Burrows/C. Perry
16:15-16:35Preliminary design of FONT4 digital ILC feedback system (ppt, pdf) H.Dabiri Khah
16:35-17:05Overview and results from jitter monitor (ppt, pdf)G.Christian
17:05-17:20Plans of the Laserwire system (ppt, pdf)G.Blair
17:20-17:35Proposed Vacuum Chamber Design for ATF Laser-wire Experiment(ppt, pdf)D.Howell
17:35-17:50Laser Wire Focal Lens Design(ppt, pdf)A.Brackmann
17:50-18:05Electron beam optics study for Laser Wire experiment(ppt, pdf)P. Karataev
18:05-18:20Optics Transport for the Laser-wire at the ATF Extraction Line (ppt, pdf)C. Driouichi
19:00-21:00Welcome Dinner Japanese restaurant : San-Sui-Tei
31st May 2005Tuesday
NanoBPMs and Optical anchor
9:00-9:15Energy spectrometer and ATF(ppt, pdf)M.Hildreth
9:15-9:20Plans for nanometer cavity BPM studies(ppt, pdf)M.Ross
9:20-9:35Loss factor and gain(ppt, pdf)S.Malton
9:35-9:50 Signal Levels and Stability Tests in the NanoBPM Project(ppt, pdf) M.Slater
9:50-10:05ATF Cavity-BPM Analysis NanoBPM Project(ppt, pdf)T.Orimoto
10:05-10:25 KEK BPM Status(ppt, pdf)Y.Honda
10:25-10:45Cavity BPM Simulations(ppt, pdf)A. Liapine
10:45-11:05Coffee break
11:05-11:25StaFF at KEK(ppt, pdf)D.Urner
11:25-11:45Laser Frame :Straightness monitor(ppt, pdf)Y. Higashi
12:00-14:00Lunch KEK Restaurant
NanoBPMs, Optical anchor, Laserwire, FONT and Kicker
14:00-15:00Discussion on future plans ( list of questions for nanoprojects, including ATF2 and schedule ) All