ACFASIM 14-May-2003 Minutes

Minutes of ACFASIM meeting on 14-May-2003

The meeting was held in a room 425 of 3rd building at KEK for 10:00-12:00.

1. Comparison with the previous study about the calorimeter resolution by JIM was reported by Yamamoto-san. Agreement on linearities and resolutions are OK, but not same exactly. 10% of difference in e/pi ration is seen. The differences are considered to be due to the difference of the start coordinate of test particles. It will be modified and will be compared again.

2. A study on a time stamping capabilities of CDC was reported by Hoshina san using Jupiter. She first tried to use a large cut value ( as large as 10cm ) for the secondary track when using Geant4. The motivation was to reduce the influence of multiple scattering. But, when the large cut value is used, the chi-square of track fitting shows funny behavior and she decided to use the default cut value of 1mm. Confidence level distribution for 250 GeV muon track in this case was OK. When a uniform point spacial resolution of 85 micron-m is used, she concluded that bunch separation of 21nsec is possible based on the track fit chi-square. She also concluded that LR/LR wire stagger is better than LL/RR staggering for better separation.

The numbering of Calorimeter Cell in Jupiter is also decided. It runs from 0 to some number corresponding to very forward Calorimeter to the backward calorimeter.

Next meeting:
The next meeting is 16:00-17:00 on 26-June-2003 (Thursday) at KEK 3rd building room 425.