SimTools package

(last Update: 1-Oct-2008)

About SimTools package

SimTools package containes pre-compiled binaries of JSF, Jupiter, Satellites and other packages related to them. This package is prepared to provide an easy-to-use tools for novice users. The verification of codes is still underway,there may be a log of bugs. So please use tools with care and consider this release as a alpha release.

To get started,

  1. Install ROOT. Version 5.18.00 or later recommended. Binary packages is available from ROOT home page
  2. Edit setup.bash properly to meet your environment
  3. Do
    source setup.bash
Then you are ready to use. Please see examples and manuals in docs directory.

How to build binaries will be found here. Source code of tools are maintained in our CVS repository. Note that development of our code is very fast and please update your binaries properly.

Please forward your comments to sof-questions at We appriciate your feedbacks in addvance.


To get help

  1. If you need help, please contact
  2. Mailing list archives

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