ACFA Joint Linear Collider
Physics and Detector Working Group

Working Group Meeting 17-18, March 1999 at KEK Kenkyu-Honkan Lecuture Hall

As announced earlier, the general group meeting of the ACFA Joint Linear Collider Physics/Detector Working group will be held in March 17(Wed) and 18(Thu). The meeting will include parallel sessions of physics and detector sub-groups and plenary session for status report. For the meeting preparation, the local organizing group is set up by following people:
Iwata, Seigi ( Chair, KEK)
Komamiya Sachio (ICEPP, Exp)
Matsui, Takayuki (KEK, Exp)
Miyamoto, Akiya (Meeting Secretariat, KEK)
Okada, Yasuhiro (KEK, Theory)
The agenda of the meeting will be prepared by the local group discussing with conveners of each subgroup. If you have any question, please mail to
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