Speaker: T. Ishizaki

Title: CAL R&D status


One of the most important purpose of the JLC is serching for the Higgs boson, and its precision study. Hence good reconstruction of dijet invariant masses is required. One of the required performance of the hadron calorimeter is to have good energy resolution for hadron:40%/sqrt{E}. Therefore we decided to use a lead/scintillator sampling calorimeter with compensating structure. We performed beam tests of calorimeter test modules at the KEK pi2 beamline. Firstly we optimezed the thickness of lead and scintillator to achieve the compensation. Response ratio of pions to electrons was equal to 1 at lead:scinti.=9.1mm:2mm. The energy resolution was 39.7%/sqrt{E} at that time. And the best energy resolution was 33.6%/sqrt{E} at 4mm:2mm. Secondly we checked response anomaly around tower boundary at the optimized sampling ratio. There was no anomaly. Thirdly lateral shower profile for pions was measured and parameterized well.
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